The Blue Bird’s Way — A2. My Feet and Wings

🌈 This article is part of The Blue Bird’s Way, an atypical Brand Strategy process for anyone that might want to uncover their company’s true purpose, reinforce it, reinvent it, and take it somewhere over the rainbow.

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The first phase of The Blue Bird’s Way — Getting to Know Myself.

The Blue Bird’s Way
Creating an atypical Brand Strategy process

A. Getting to Know Myself
A1. First Steps
A2. My Feet and Wings 📍
A3. Opening the Gates

— SOON —
B. Learning By Watching
C. Paving the Way — Shaping My Own Path
D. Paving the Way — A Brand’s Blue Feathers
E. Taking Off

Let’s jump to the second step of The Blue Bird’s Way.

Is not always easy to identify everything that you need to be aware of about your company’s brand…

To help, there are three sections that will guide your brand analysis:

⭐️ Visual Audit
⭐️ Verbal Audit
⭐️ Behavioral Audit

Visual Audit

🧐 The Hard Questions
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Everything that we can see sends a message. That includes the ad that you’re running, your cool logo, the shirt that you’re wearing, or the big painting in your office.

This Visual Audit is especially useful if you already have a brand that you want to work on. If you don’t, I admit that the only thing that there is to evaluate is yourself, and that’s only useful to audit if the brand that you’re developing is a personal brand.

First Notes

Gather what you think are the highlights for positive and negative uses of your visuals, set them up in front of you, and ask yourself the next questions.

If you don’t have much to see, it’s ok! Just jump to the next phase and now you know there’s something to work on in the future 😊

The Hard Questions

  • How are my brand visuals influenced by its customers?
  • Are my physical spaces embodying my brand values? How?
  • How do I carry my brand’s visuals with me?
  • How am I keeping consistency between all medias?
  • How am I allowing my brand’s visual to be owned, customized, and carried by others?
  • Which are my brand’s most recognizable visual features?

Verbal Audit

🧐 The Hard Questions
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Words have immense power and they matter so much more than we sometimes care to admit. ✨ I would say that they either make us or break us.

This audit refers to your brand’s voice, its tone, the message that it sends, and the content that it carries.

First Notes

Gather examples of your brand’s communication from different sources and, to help you evaluate them, ask yourself the next questions.

🍄 TIP: While you’re going through this set of questions, try to keep an open heart and an honest mind. Sometimes, the answers might not be the most flattering, but don’t forget that you are here to take a look at the present so you can build a better future.

The Hard Questions

  • How does the tone of voice in use match my brand values?
  • How is my knowledge about the customers influencing the brand’s tone and message?
  • Is my brand transmitting the right message with ease and clarity?
  • How is my brand communicating terms that might be unfamiliar to its customers?
  • How is my brand maintaining a balance between personality and function?
  • How is my brand enabling an open conversation with its customers?
  • How can the customers integrate my brand’s voice in their own?

Behavioral Audit

🧐 The Hard Questions
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Your brand is always interacting with its customers and clients so, it’s important to take a look at the way it speaks, the little gestures it makes, and the signals that it’s sending to the world.

First Notes

Our brands aren’t people, yet, they act as they are. Behaviors, actions, interactions, gestures… they are all part of our personal daily lives. We just have to think about how all of that translates to our brands and to their day-to-day lives.

Either you’re making this exercise by yourself, or consulting someone to help uncover your brand’s unintentional behavior, you can use this set of questions.

The Hard Questions

  • What’s the lingering feeling after contacting with my brand?
  • What do I think are the expectations when reaching back to my brand?
  • How does my brand surprise its customers?
  • How do I predict my customer’s needs in the interactions that we have?
  • What do people can count on when they don’t initiate any contact?

Next Step:

A3. Opening the Gates

Thank you so much for reading!
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