5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Pack Examination

5.11 Tactical Rush Backpack

The Tactical Rush 12 is a diverse, multi-purpose backpack designed and built for any high-performance role ranging from hunting, tactical assault or even as an emergency storage unit.

The backpack is one that was built with the purpose in mind. With each and every feature being carefully designed based on an intended function. It’s not too large and is impeccably organized which makes certain that you’ll be able to fit any and all of your required gear into it.

I found that every component of this fantastic backpack is of a really high quality, is extremely durable and it seems unlikely that any of the bags features will break easily.

So what are the kinds of features you’ll expect to find in this bag?

Storage and Side Pockets

The backpack contains in total, 16 compartments, which were designed to provide a wide range of storage use options. The cool thing is the compartments vary in size which can come in handy when storing specific items.

For example, the storage pockets are perfect for keeping anything from laptops, weapons and hydration bladders (it’s a 60 oz. pocket). The sunglasses pocket is fleece lined which is handy for protecting your precious eyewear.

Main Compartment

Although the bag may have been constructed to be used as a daypack, it has a significantly larger main storage compartment compared to other tactical backpacks of the same size.

Its main storage compartment includes a smart organization system designed to assist you in efficiently stowing away any and all of your gear or accessories.

The main compartment is completely zippered which means you can open it fully and lay it flat, ultimately acting as a normal suitcase would.

Wrap-Around Web Platform

I found the wrap-around web platform, which is MOLLE and Slickstick friendly to be extremely useful. This means that you can customize the storage of the bag to suit your needs.

If you are the type of person who enjoys lots of organization then this bag might just be the one for you. The bag includes a number of Molle attachment points on both the sides as well as in the front of the bag.

This, of course, adds to the customizability of the backpack, allowing for additional storage capacity.

The Shoulder Straps

Another excellent characteristic that makes this one of the best tactical packs around is the shoulder straps.

They are one the best features of the bag and are extremely comfortable, regardless of the load being carried — which is a critical feature for any backpack. The straps are quite wide and well-padded which makes the load feel well secure on your back.

The backpack also has a built-in sternum strap, which assists in distributing and suspending heavier loads you may be carrying.

Final Verdict

Utmost of the reviews I’ve read online about this backpack are positive. The consensus is that it’s a fantastic backpack and I do agree.

I do recommend this bag as being one of the best tactical packs around — at least in the top 10. It’s highly versatile and can function as an everyday carrying backpack or for camping — the list of its uses would be an extensive one!