Joanna Riley Speaks at Talent Acquisition Exchange Conference

Joanna Riley
Oct 8 · 2 min read

A leader in leveraging technology to improve recruiting processes, Joanna Riley is the CEO and founder of Censia, a company that has developed a recruiting solution driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Censia helps companies to identify candidates based solely on merit and abilities, circumventing human bias via one of the world’s most extensive talent intelligence platforms. Joanna Riley and her team view Censia as the recruitment tool of the future for its ability to automate talent acquisition and make the process as fair and efficient as possible. Recently, Joanna Riley spoke about her work at the Talent Acquisition Exchange, a three-day conference for chief talent officers and heads of talent acquisition.

Joanna Riley
Joanna Riley

On the first day of the conference, Joanna Riley delivered a talk entitled “Leveraging AI to Remove Bias and Source the Most In-Demand Passive Candidates.” She discussed some of the biggest challenges facing talent acquisition professionals today, from the fact that the best talent is often not actively looking for a new position to the unconscious bias that can cause recruiters to overlook some of the most qualified candidates. AI has the ability to solve both of these issues by sourcing top candidates from a global pool of more than 500 million while excluding some of the attributes that can trigger hiring bias. Through artificial intelligence, human error is eliminated from the recruiting process to connect recruiters to the most suitable candidates.

Some of the human-created, unconscious filters that exist among talent acquisition professionals relate to gender, name, education, and work history. For example, many people look for candidates with an Ivy League education, but of the Top 20 Fortune 500 CEOs, only one went to an Ivy League institution, and less than 10 percent of all of the CEOs on the list did. Tools like Censia help to eliminate this bias, allowing companies to connect to the individuals that have the skills they need regardless of educational history.

Censia also streamlines the hiring process. Typically, the candidate identification process can take weeks, but Censia shortens the search to minutes by employing modeling rather than keywords to identify the best candidates for a position. Artificial intelligence truly is the future of recruiting.

Joanna Riley

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Joanna Riley, a technology sector entrepreneur, investor, and mentor based in San Francisco, co-founded Censia in 2017.

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