Why You Should Recycle Rain Water

Water is a natural resource that many people all over the world often take for granted. The good news is that more awareness is being spread about the limited supply of this essential natural resource and the importance of its conservation. Rain water harvesting or recycling is an effective way to collect and store water to be used later. The water from the roof is collected in tanks and used for different purposes. You too can conserve water and save on water bills by harvesting rain water.

Benefits of Rain Water Recycling

Nowadays, there is a lot of concern about the environment and the natural resources that are left on earth. Water is a resource that is slowly diminishing as its demand grows higher. By recycling rain water, the following benefits are gained:

· We can reduce our dependence on dams and other systems used for water storage and supply

· It can help in reducing damage and pollution to the ecosystems of water bodies

· Recycled water can be used for the creation of new wetlands or replenish the ones that currently exist

· Water bills can be significantly reduced

· A community’s drinking water supply can also be conserved as recycled rain water can be used for toilets, watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, etc.

· It helps in reducing erosion, flooding, etc.

It is not difficult to collect and store rain water. All you need is a proper rain gutter system and tanks to store the water. The water that you collect can be used for a long period of time and you can keep collecting as much as you need to!

How is water recycled?

You may think that recycling rain water is a difficult process but it really is not. With a few innovative ideas, you can collect and save water that flows from your roof and use it during the dry months for cleaning, washing and irrigating your lawn or garden.

Gallons and Cans

Another way to recycle rain water is to let it flow down from the gutters on your home and collect in containers such as large cans or gallons. You should remember to practice gutter cleaning to make sure that debris or other impurities do not accumulate in the water you collect and store. Rain water is usually used for cleaning, irrigation, etc. but it is still good to make sure that it is as clean as possible.

It is not necessary to buy expensive water recycling systems. With simple methods, you can recycle rain water and help in the conservation of drinking water that is supplied to the households and industries.


Many buildings have separate water tanks that are used to store rain water for flushing toilets, gardening, etc. The water stored in these rain water tanks are also saved to be used during seasons of high water scarcity. Tanks that are made of fibre glass or steel are great as they are highly durable. Although a little on the pricier side, they are an investment that you will not regret making.

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