The Easy Way To Increase Your Productivity

Have you ever wasted a day because you felt like you had nothing to do, only to lie down to go to bed and realize just then that there were several things you could have been working on?

Unless you’re some sort of superhuman, this has happened to you at least once.

No matter how focused you are, it’s hard to keep track of all the things you need to get to in a given day. That is, it’s hard to keep track of it all in your head. You need the most basic personal assistant of all — a todo list.

If you already keep a todo list, great! You can go ahead and stop reading, because you’re already doing the easiest thing you can to do increase your productivity. This is only for you if you’ve never really seen the point of keeping a todo list.

If your teachers were anything like mine, they encouraged you to keep a todo list by writing your homework down in a planner. If you were anything like me, you didn’t always listen to this advice.

Even though it seems silly, the simple act of getting your tasks down on paper (whether it’s physical or digital paper) can really help you organize your life. Having a daily review of what you need to do makes sure you never miss anything.

Todo lists don’t just tell you what you need to do, though. They can also show you how productive you’re being. By setting and checking off your own goals every day, you can feel as accomplished as you deserve to feel, even if you only worked on long-term projects where the rewards usually come at the end.

One of the keys to a todo list is what you put on it. Make sure to list the work you need to do, but also list the things you’re excited about doing! This way, you won’t dread looking at your todo list at the beginning of every day. For example, your todo list might include:

- Respond to Mike’s email

- Hold conference call

- Chip away at ongoing project

- Crack open that new book

- Call grandma

- Have dinner with friends

So how should you start? There are countless mobile apps for todo lists out there, and many of them are pretty similar. There’s also good ol’ pen and paper, if you just want to use a notebook as your todo list. Regardless of how you keep your todo list, just make sure you get it down somewhere.

Even though I don’t expect the idea of a todo list to blow your mind, I do think you’ll learn something about yourself by keeping one of your own.

Once you can easily review what you need to do and what you’ve already done in a given day, what once seemed like a mountain of work might start shrinking a bit. Give it a try, and see how the original personal assistant can still help you out in the 21st century.