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With mid-year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to take stock of your recruiting activities so far this year and rethink some of your strategies.

This doesn’t have to be anything drastic — here are 5 simple ways you can recruiter smarter in 2017!

  1. Review Your RMS

When was the last time you reviewed your company’s RMS? With the abundance of recruitment platforms on the market, if yours isn’t advanced, easy to use and working hard for you by providing excellent Customer Service and constant product updates, it’s time to reassess your most important recruiting tool. Think strategically about the size of your business — unless your company is a large enterprise with hundreds of employees, you don’t need to be locked into a 12-month contract with the most expensive RMS on the market.

  1. Use Video as a Recruitment Tool

As one of the most engaging forms of content, incorporating video into your recruiting processes will help you recruit smarter this year. Simply recording a video job ad as opposed to a traditional written ad is one way to boost candidate engagement. Need a refresher on how to record a video ad? Another way to adopt the trend is by hosting interviews on video. Video interviews allow you to be more efficient with your time — without skipping the face to face interaction — plus you can record the interview to play it back and ask a colleague for a second opinion on an applicant.

  1. Automate The Small Stuff

Make sure you’re not doing manual administrative tasks that will eat away at your time and energy. Use your RMS alongside other collaboration tools like Trello to automate as many steps of the recruitment process as possible. Save new contact details straight into your RMS to save double handling, assign deadlines to tasks in Trello for automatic reminders instead manually entering key dates in your calendar, use recruitment reports instead of making guesses about your consultants’ monthly activities. This will free you up to do more strategic work and invest in more face to face time with clients and prospects to attract new business.

  1. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Decisions we make about candidates that are based on the information we get from a CV, or on our gut feeling about them, can be wrong. Making the wrong decision about a candidate is something all recruiters hope to avoid, as it is a costly and time-consuming error. Revelian has developed a range of online assessments and psychometric games designed to help recruiters make the right decision about candidates. After a candidate completes an assessment game, the recruiter is given solid, data-driven insights about their personality and aptitude for a role — something no Cover Letter or interview can provide. This year, implement Revelian candidates assessments and use data to make better informed recruitment decisions.

  1. Multitask on Mobile

Recruiters who recruit with mobile have a huge advantage over those who don’t. It becomes apparent when they’re able to action tasks in real time away from the desktop — such as responding to clients, updating candidate statuses on the go and reviewing applications as they land in their inbox. Although each of these tasks can be done at the desktop, having the ability to action them after on the way to a client meeting or on the way home from work ultimately allows you to work smarter and manage your workload more efficiently.

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