What is your Employability When Competition for Jobs Intensifies?

Employability! Is it an underused and an intangible word that often over passes our thoughts when we think about finding an employment or when we are trying to find someone to employ with us? So, here is a simplest and most accessible interpretation of the word in terms of skills. Employability is the skill that almost everyone needs to have for a job. However employability is not just about skills but capabilities, competencies, attitude, behavior and much more.

Employability for a Job seeker — Well, to fit into an employment may not just require you to have subject knowledge, qualifications or the specialist experiences. To demonstrate that you are employable you must as a person, be capable of being a good team member who contributes well to the productivity of the firm he plans to work for.

Employability for an employer — An employer requires an employee to be committed and enthusiastic too, in order to get him engaged easily with new colleagues. For some employers and jobs the employability skills are more important than qualifications and competencies of the candidate. They look for the personal attributes, a good work ethic and willingness to learn along with good personal presentation that counts.

By and far the critical employability skills that employers most often demand of job-seekers are communication skills, analytical skills, managing multiple priorities etc. For job seekers, applying these skills to your resume helps you take charge and manage your co-workers. The job seekers must hence accord equal importance to such employability skills along with qualifications and knowledge related to jobs.

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