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Best Jobs in the Bay Area 10/13/14

From Everlane, Patreon, and Adobe Typekit

‘Best Jobs in the Bay Area’ is a curated list of awesome job openings near San Francisco. They are sourced from the personal networks of the creators of Job Portraits. Every other week this list is emailed to our newsletter subscribers. (The email version includes personal contact information for the positions.)

Featured Jobs

Everlane is hiring a graphic designer. Everlane, which is disrupting retail by designing and selling (online) its own line of luxury clothing, first came on our radar when a friend forwarded an email from the company saying they were hiring for 15 positions in SF and would be adding 50 more in the next 12 months. After chatting with their hiring lead, we can vouch that they’re intentional about their culture and passionate about their work. Check their full job listings for more information.

Patreon is hiring a frontend developer. Patreon is sort of like Kickstarter but for ongoing creative work instead of a specific project. So if I’m a musician, someone could pledge to give me a few dollars every time I release a new song. Judging from our conversations with their head of hiring, they live the life they support — the CEO recently went on tour for a few weeks with his band.

Adobe Typekit is hiring a Ruby on Rails developer. The friend who sent us this listing described her last four months on the team this way: “love the job, the people I work with, and the company I work for more every day. how f*ing fantastic is that!?” ‘Nuf said.

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