Best Jobs in the Bay Area 9/1/14

From Teespring, Udemy, Hebrew Free Loan, Totango

We have a growing file of “office dog” photos from companies we’ve worked with. Here, Lily from Science Exchange is cuddled by Fraser Tan.

‘Best Jobs in the Bay Area’ is a curated list of awesome job openings near San Francisco. They are sourced from the personal networks of the creators of Job Portraits. Every other week this list is emailed to our newsletter subscribers. (The email version includes personal contact information for the positions.)

Featured Jobs

Teespring is hiring a merchandise buyer. The t-shirt crowdfunding company (seriously, it’s cool) just launched their own line of shirts, which I’m guessing this new hire will be instrumental in developing. They were sent to us by a Y Combinator classmate, who says “the founders are awesome and they’re probably the most profitable company from our batch.”

Udemy is hiring a sr. software engineer. In truth, the “learn anything online” company is hiring for 16 positions in SF, so it was hard to choose one. But then we were like, “Hold on, we don’t even have an engineer on this week’s list!” Udemy team member Cara Conceller says it’s an “absolutely incredible company with the raddest mission and team.”

Hebrew Free Loan is hiring a marketing manager. A good friend of Jackson’s from college previously held this position, so she can vouch directly for how much impact it has. The non-profit provides interest free-loans for things like credit card debt, having a kid, and healthcare expenses.

Totango is hiring a storyteller/communications manager. Think of the role as a “reporter-at-heart” who also has some marketing chops. What is Totango anyway? Basically they give companies insights into user data to help them keep customers happy and moving through the sales funnel.

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