We call it Employer Branding as a Service

Here’s an overview of what we do at Job Portraits, why, and who benefits

What is Employer Branding as a Service? In short, we do what an in-house Employer Brand Lead would do, but faster and on a contract basis. If we work together, one of our team members will lead the engagement with support from our content team. We’ll form relationships with many people and departments at your company — from People Ops, to PR/Comms, to diversity officers, to hiring teams themselves — and visit your office regularly for interviews, content production, and meetings. Otherwise we work off-site at your service.

How it works

  1. To kick off, we’ll work together to understand and prioritize your goals. Our menu of services (below) will help guide the conversation.
  2. You’ll decide how fast you want to accomplish those goals by setting a quarterly budget. Anticipate $45K–$90K for the first quarter and $15K–$45K for later quarters. (We expect consulting time to decrease after the first quarter, once strategy has been established.)
  3. Together we’ll decide on the highest-leverage stories, then we’ll build out an editorial plan and get to work.
  4. We’ll check in regularly to make sure all the trains are running on time, and to adapt our plans to support evolving needs.
  5. At the beginning of each quarter, you’ll have the option to change your budget.

Why it works

  • We’re scrappy. Our engagements are designed for flexibility and short-notice shifts to strategy and scope.
  • We collaborate high and low. As former founders, we understand the needs of stakeholders across the business. We’re at ease talking strategy with the C-suite, tactics with recruiters, and daily work with people in almost every function.
  • We execute. We don’t just talk about what you should do, we make it happen, from building content to helping teams get the most from it. Typically, we spend 30% of our time on strategy and 70% doing and creating.

Who and how we help

To get this work done, we collaborate with a lot of stakeholders. Here’s what different folks should know.

  • Recruiters: We turn ideas, like “employer brand” and “candidate value props,” into tangible tools. Our stories help candidates self-select in — and out — so you can spend your valuable time with candidates who are already informed and excited.
  • Hiring Managers: Our work is designed to increase the quality of candidates you bring in for interviews, which will save your team time and energy. We’ll also help shape your job descriptions to attract candidates who share your values (without scaring people off), and work with recruiters to make sure the story they’re telling jives with the reality of your team.
  • Founders and C-People: To help you compete with brand-name companies for top talent, we quickly clarify and publicize your employer brand. Plus, current team members will be excited to see the real, hard work they’re doing highlighted and appreciated.
  • Candidates: Consider us your advocates on the inside. We push our clients to provide you with honest answers to questions you yourself would ask. Yes, teams have final review of our stories, but we constantly remind them that if we lose your trust, fuggedaboutit.


Employer value propositions

Why it matters: EVPs are the foundation for all elements of your employer brand. A great strategy lies at the intersection of the real reasons team members like their jobs and the desires of job candidates.

How we execute:

  • Interview key stakeholders and culture holders to zero in on differentiators
  • Create exec summary of findings and recommendations
  • Create recruiting voice doc to improve internal alignment

Recruiting enablement

Why it matters: We want to make the recruiters on the front lines as efficient as possible. So we borrow concepts from sales enablement to target pain points in the recruiting funnel and move the needle on key metrics, like response rates and time spent per screening call.

How we execute:

  • Interview recruiters to understand leverage points in the recruiting funnel
  • Create micro-targeted content: email templates, job “sell sheets,” blog posts
  • Train recruiters on how to effectively use assets

Blog built for candidates

Why it matters: A stockpile of engaging stories allows companies to go beyond telling candidates about their values to showing how values play out day-to-day.

How we execute:

  • Help you choose a platform and work with internal teams to get it set up
  • Build a content strategy and editorial calendar
  • Create blog posts end-to-end, from finding the most compelling stories, to managing the review process, to publishing and publicizing content


Why it matters: Photos visually communicate your EVPs. Beware: Stock photos tell candidates you don’t care enough to highlight real employees, and overly produced photos undermine their own authenticity.

How we execute:

  • Capture professional documentary photos of your office, team members, and special activities
  • Deliver images in an organized image library for use by everyone at your company (you have full rights in perpetuity to all photos)


Why it matters: Video is a powerful medium, yet, based on our research, candidates are accustomed to recruiting videos that feel like “marketing fluff.” We break the mold by filming in an authentic style, and by focusing on topics that actually matter to candidates.

How we execute:

  • Work with stakeholders to conceptualize video ideas and develop distribution strategy
  • Film, edit, manage reviews, and deliver final video
  • Recut footage into social-media–ready clips and GIFs

Careers Page

Why it matters: Think of your careers page as a one-stop-shop for interested candidates. We’ll help you build out a rich hub of resources that help candidates decide whether to reach out — or respond to your outreach.

How we execute:

  • Create strategy based on your EVPs, our knowledge of the market, and our own original candidate experience research
  • Write original copy to connect and highlight existing content
  • Collaborate and coordinate with your dev/design team to help them build the page

Talent Platforms

Why it matters: When candidates research you, they often land on sites like Glassdoor, Linkedin, and AngelList. A consistent — but tailored — message helps make sure you draw in the right candidates, no matter where they find you.

How we execute:

  • Update pages with sharp copy and engaging photos and videos
  • Provide employees with ready-made copy/photos — or work with them to craft their own — to bring their personal profiles into alignment
  • Build out LinkedIn Life pages and opt-in landing pages
  • Create Glassdoor response strategy and provide writing support

Social Media

Why it matters: We extend the value of the content we create by helping you spread it through your employee’s networks, improving referral rates with the click of a retweet button.

How we execute:

  • Slice and dice each piece of long-form content into dozens of social posts
  • Build and manage posting schedules
  • Post, measure, and iterate on recruiting-focused posts
  • Work with internal teams to pull in and post out employee-generated content

Employee engagement

Why it matters: What your team members say about working at your company is the most practical manifestation of your brand, so we help them hit the high points in their own voice.

How we execute:

  • Run workshops to stoke excitement about sharing recruiting content and share our own social media best-practices
  • Coordinate regular internal comms (newsletters, Slack messages) inviting engagement
  • Run workshops to coach team members on authentic ways to highlight EVPs when they talk about work

Writing & Editing Support

Why it matters: Candidates see employee writing as the most authentic kind. Team members have stories to tell but no time to tell them, so we provide guidance, editing, and deadlines.

How we execute:

  • Narrow in on the most compelling story in a team member’s head, coach them on tone, organization, and technique
  • Set deadlines and encourage team members to meet them
  • Edit final drafts for clarity and copy style

Job Descriptions

Why it matters: Too frequently, job descriptions serve internal needs, not candidates’ needs — plus they often smack of unconscious bias. Relying on our candidate research, we’ll set a tone that matches your brand and doesn’t raise red flags with desirable prospects.

How we execute:

  • Rewrite individual job descriptions in collaboration with hiring managers
  • Create job description templates in collaboration with team leads and HR
  • Analyse existing job descriptions for unconscious bias and re-write as appropriate


Why it matters: Some aspects of employer branding can be measured. Others impact company culture and resist hard measurement. We use available data to refine all of our activities.

What we measure:

  • Response rates to recruiter emails based on messaging and use of images/links
  • Screening call time, depth of conversation, quality of candidates
  • Engagement with content and social posts
  • Traffic driven to careers pages/ATS and inbound inquiries

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