There are already a lot, aren’t there?

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Humour us, haven’t you been distracted by someone just looking your way? Or someone discussing a project/home chores/life or any random quip, it is just TOOOO distractive.

Writing this article in a surrounding with different teams on either side, the constant chatter and the music, was nothing less than battling the very distractions we are going to discuss in this article.

How many times is an average employee distracted in a day?

The statistics seemed pretty relatable to us, however, it may not be true for a lot. …

From Marketing Jobs to Tech Jobs, we’ve got it all covered!

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We’re living in 2+2/2 X 7–1! Umm, we mean 2020! Apart from being a disastrous year, literally and figuratively, it has flipped the coin of routine to space. Oblivious, sure, but a room to think, grow and restart.

There’s nothing much we can do about this year other than just live with it. But, you can live with a hint of upskilling and getting ready for the future!

Future is uncertain, sure, but it does mean looking forward to something. JobSquare being a job-portal has been extremely vocal about trying your hand at opportunities.

We believe that there are jobs in the market, it’s just that people are not willing to explore out of the box. …

Applicant Tracking System. In case you were wondering!

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that eases out the hiring & recruitment needs of the modern-day human resources department. Integrated into most recruitment portals in India, ATS acts as a catalyst in scouting for the right fit for a company.

In this article, we are going to address the importance of an ATS software, why do resumes pass through ATS, and how can you create an ATS compliant resume!

Importance of an ATS software!

The sense of having an ATS software comes from finding a route to cut down the recruitment process, and costs. In India, the life cycle of a recruitment process is almost forty-five to sixty days. …



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