Blueprint HK Accelerator — Day 11

So with our 5 mins of local press fame over (i swear people were looking at me funny this weekend), back to serious business. Today was a special day. Special in the sense that i consider any day where you expand your startup team. This particular hire has extra significance as he (aka Chris Lam) will be our Chief Architect, charged with laying the foundations of the product for the critical 3–4 month building period that lies ahead of Hiring Screen. He is joining having lead development operations at OneSky — one of the leading startups to have emerged in Hong Kong over the past couple of years. So a re-cap on what we have today;

We have an algorithm that has been tried and tested, delivering highly accurate relevance scoring for a candidate pool. The Hiring Screen MVP (minimum viable product) means the time from candidate application to being in front of the hiring decision maker can literally be less than a minute. For any HR department or recruiting team that has ever been presented with an inbox full of CVs and not known where to start in screening them, Hiring Screen is a game changing HR Technology.