Blueprint HK Accelerator – Day 6 – 7:50am

So into the second week at Blueprint and now the buzz of week 1 introductions and VC lectures has subsided it’s time to push on with the task in hand.

I didn’t really cover my company -Hiring Screen – in too much detail in week one as I wanted to keep the focus on Blueprint. But I should really give you some details. We are a team of recruiters, rocket scientists and engineers. We are addressing a problem which I experienced multiple times during my time as a recruitment consultant, namely, sorting through huge volumes of candidate applications. In short, the Hiring Screen algorithms puts all candidate applications in order of relevance for the job (it really does work) (no, really) so you can save time screening irrelevant applications and spend more time meeting the best people choosing who is he right personality for for the role and the team. Our clients are any HR or recruitment teams who hire for positions that experience large application volume.

I’ll intro the team in my next post!