Startup Diary — Blueprint HK Accelerator — Day 4 — 1:27pm

I joined this morning’s session with Carlos Espinal late due to an investor meeting. Having had little to blend Carlos pitch advice into my presentation, I will be interested to see the investor response. When I have 15 minutes to explain the WHY of Hiring Screen and how we see the future of recruitment, I really feel we make an impact on investors. However, the challenge of distilling that into a 5mins or 3mins pitch is something I am still grappling with.

Today’s topic with Carlos was fundraising. Luke, my co-founder, told me that the topics covered ranged from differences between Angels and VCs to geographical differences between VCs. I managed to arrive for the part I was most intersted in, which is fundraising. We will be trying to raise money over the next couple of months and it was great to have the valuation equation of Amount needed — % Equity on Offer — Post Money Valuation walked through in detail. On reflection, i’m pretty comfortable we are pitching Hiring Screen at a reasonable valuation and am looking forward to the investor meetings!

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