From Paper to PC


Operate in a collaborative environment with delegation centricity.

Our task at hand required the group to convert our paper design onto our computers through a digital format. This format could vary from platforms such as Sketch, all the way to Adobe Photoshop. With a group of four individuals dividing a task of this caliber, it became very tedious. It became difficult to align sketches. We faced problems with our online design, as it became difficult to organize which screens were being completed by which individuals. Another issue we faced was the proficiency level each group member had, some members excelled at powerpoint, others photoshop, and several at sketch.

That same night I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and landed on Richard Branson’s page, founder of Virgin Groups. He posted a video on delegation, and that lead me to think about the relevance it had with he problems I faced in Computer Science. Delegation is crucial.

Next time I complete a task like this, I will enforce the concept of delegation. Delegation omits the chance of a single individual completing all of the work by themselves. Don’t do it by yourself!

“Free yourself to think about the bigger picture”

If Sketch is the optimal design outlet, and only two of us are proficient at Sketch, it might have been a better idea to delegate two individuals to work on the digital sketch rather than four. Later on in the course the other two could have took on a larger workload for the lack of input in this specific assignment.

Delegate people based on their expertise.

Delegation fosters freedom and produces great amounts of success.

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