Javascript is one of the more intricate languages and requires a lot of precision. There is a heavy focus on syntax and that can lead to a lot of mistakes. With these notions kept in mind I went head first into code academy.

We weren’t assigned a lot of time to work on our javascript, so I made sure that I stayed on task and worked on tasks, which would help me improve in this aspect of code. Now I re-learned a lot from last year through code academy, but I also learned some new things. In order to test out these new learnings, I went back into my old announcement application from last year and tried out a bunch of new code. I was quite proud of my javascript from last year. I have some key takeaways I’d like to look back on when coding.


It is essential to always test your code before moving on. This is a mistake I encountered last year, and something I am revisiting this year. I need to look at what I’m writing and check for errors constantly. When I write code I tend to type quite fast and this incurs a lot of syntax errors. Next time I code for our project I want to make sure I do not have errors in my code.


Some of my code is very scattered and excessive. One thing I learned from last year is that: quality over quantity. Whenever I am writing a line of code, I like to go onto w3schools or codeacademy to see how I can make my code cleaner and concise. When writing a lot of lines of code, it is essential to write efficient code.

Write, Read, Test, Repeat

Constantly testing code is crucial in producing great code. I need to make sure that I always test my code before moving onto a new line of code. This is a mistake I find myself revisiting when I was writing code on codeacademy. I will make sure to be more precise when I code my project’s actual app.

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