Discover how Global Gaming, a young and energetic iGaming company in Tallinn hired and relocated a Programmatic Coordinator whiz all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Location: Tallinn

Positions Hired: Programmatic Coordinator

Who was hired: Denise as a Programmatic Coordinator from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tallinn, Estonia.

Global Gaming is a growing gaming company with a strong foothold in the Nordic region. You might be familiar with some of the sites they run, which include Netti…

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Karyn Kosta, a freelance writer focusing on careers, the workplace, and business trends.

Are you deep in your job search and not getting hired? You’ve probably read over your resume numerous times looking for mistakes or ways to enhance it. You may even be going to different networking events. Believe it or not, the larger issue may have nothing to do with your work experience. The real culprit could actually be sleep deprivation.

While sleep deprivation is a common issue that is often overlooked, it can have a bigger impact on your job search than you may realize. Just how much can…

Today's guest post is brought to you by Augusta Henning, the PR Manager for CV-Library.

Working abroad is a great opportunity for you to experience a new culture and learn new skills. However, roles can be competitive and you need to make sure you stand out.

To do this, there are certain skills you need to include on your CV. Below, we explain these in more detail — read on to find out more and help you bag that job abroad.

1. Foreign language

Discover how Yousician, a Finnish music startup with millions of users worldwide, attracts, hires and retains top international talent via Jobbatical.

Location: Helsinki

Positions Hired: 1 Recruiter, 1 Product Manager, 1 Full-stack Developer

Who was hired: Rob Pappas from Oakland to Helsinki as a Recruiter, Loic Masson from Lyon to Helsinki as a Full-stack Web Developer, and Sagar from New York to Helsinki as a Product Manager.

Imagine being able to…

Today's guest post is brought to you by Jane Piper, an Organisational Psychologist.

Remote working means you are powering through your work, uninterrupted, focused and finishing two-three hours earlier than if you were in the office? Perhaps not. So why don’t you try these tips to make remote work more productive from Jane Piper, the author of “Focus in the Age of Distraction”?

No commute, noisy coworkers or set office hours. Remote working means you can be much more focused and productive. Instead of spending time stuck in traffic you can be working, or doing other things. You avoid the…

Mindvalley, a global education company with over 200 employees, is expanding rapidly and constantly looking for talent that matches their unique culture, mission and values and is willing to relocate.

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Positions Hired: Content Specialist, Advertising Specialist

Who was hired: Damir Abdullin from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Kuala Lumpur as an Advertising Specialist and Alyse Speyer from San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur as a Content Specialist

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, Nelson Mandela, the South African statesman and…

We spoke with Liam Martin, co-founder of Time Doctor, about building an 80-person distributed team across 27 countries.

Remote companies are not unusual anymore. Quite the contrary: remote work is the new normal.

New remote companies are being founded every day in all corners of the world, while existing businesses are ditching their headquarters and moving their operations online.

According to Upwork’s Future of Work report, over 1,000…

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Jacob Lunduski, a Financial Industry Analyst.

Becoming financially literate is important for so many life situations, such as considering moving abroad to start a new job.

Learning how to be responsible with money is essential now more than ever, especially considering that by the third quarter of 2017, the world debt climbed to $233 trillion (£169 trillion). Of that debt, $44 million…

Here’s an update in case you thought we weren’t serious about this: Estonia is creating a tailor-made visa for digital nomads, and the progress is real. But to keep things moving ahead at full speed, we need your help again.

In February, Jobbatical enlisted the help of the digital nomad community to back up the creation of the world’s first digital nomad visa. …

Everything you need to know about Jobbatical and the General Data Protection Regulation.

This article aims to answer any questions you might have about the General Data Protection Regulation, and explain what happens at the intersection between GDPR, Jobbatical and you.

What’s GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of…


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