— Crowdsale updates

Changes to our Crowdsale based on the feedback received:

Our Crowdsale status page

At first the “Participants List” was showing anybody who registered an ICO account at By showing all registered account on the “Participants List”, we have created the confusion that everybody listed is a participants who invested which was not the case.

We updated the “Participants List” page to display only the participants who transferred funds for the Crowdsale.

We removed the 1 ETH minimum requirement to join the crowdsale

As we are pricing the Joberr Tokens in USD, having a 1 ETH minimum requirement to join the crowdsale makes no sense. On 19–03–2017 12:00 PM GMT one ETH is valued at 38 USD , a total of 38 Joberr Tokens can be bought for this amount. Forcing participants to buy at least 38 Joberr Tokens to join the crowdsale is a mistake, for that reason we removed the 1 ETH minimum requirement.

Augur (REP) is also accepted

A few possible participants asked us if we are willing to accepts Augur (REP) in the crowdsale. Since we are pricing Joberr Tokens in USD and the maximum limit for the crowdsale is also in USD, we decided to accept Augur (REP) too.

From now on you can also participate in the crowdsale using Augur (REP)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us at