‘Big Buts and I cannot lie!’

Am I the only one that reads that, sings the song in their head and instantly thinks of donkey shaking his ass in Shrek? You know what I mean, the swamp karaoke scene at the end … Ok, maybe only me, (who are you kidding, you did didn’t you?!), but I bet when you hear it again in the future that’s what you’ll think of!

Anyway, that’s not the ‘Big Buts’ I’m talking about, the ones I mean are the ones that are said everyday … “I could do that, BUT”, “I want to, BUT”, “I’ll try to, BUT” … Seriously, have you ever said BUT in a sentence and been totally committed in your ❤️ and mind?

Ok, I’ll be the first to fess up … Anytime I’ve used the word BUT, I’m already mentally checked out, I don’t buy into the action, I’m disengaged, don’t believe it. Long story short, it ain’t gonna get my attention which means chances are it won’t happen, and if by some magical coincidence it does happen, you can bet it won’t be my proudest moment or my best piece of work.

I have to wonder then why was the word BUT was invented? After all, it’s just a big cop out really. A way of saying “Yeah I kind of will”, when actually you mean “Not a cat in hells chance!”. As you’re reading this I’d bet a big ole bottle of champagne that you’re nodding and mentally recalling that time (maybe today) when you said what shall now become known as the ‘B’ word. I mean it’s a great cop out, the equivalent in the dating word of “It’s not you it’s me”, and we all know how pathetic that is!

So why do we do we say it? Maybe we’re trying to protect others feelings, but seriously how does that work… You ask “Would you like to come for a drink after work?”, I say “I’d love to but …..” fill in the blank with whatever you like. What do you think? Ah, such a shame she has to take her Aunty Gertrude bowling? 😂 Nope, the ‘B’ word, plus the tell tale body language tells you that I’m telling a big fat fib! How do you feel? Hurt, disappointed, angry, betrayed. Chances are you just don’t get why I didn’t just say “I’m sorry I can’t tonight”. The end results are the same but that tiny little 3 letter ‘B’ word has caused an avalanche of emotions, dented confidence, questioning and a massive dip in credibility!

Just now, take a few seconds to think about when you recently used the ‘B’ word. Maybe it was to your kids (#guilty), maybe to your colleagues, your partner, your friend. Think of the situation, did you really use it with integrity and honesty? Can you hand on ❤️ say that you were truly in a conundrum, truly in a place where you wanted to do both, or did you use it thinking it would save you from doing/hearing/experiencing something you just didn’t want to do. Only you can answer that but let’s be honest when faced with a choice there’s always a slight bias, a slight leaning, no matter how slight, towards one preference (aka prioirties, but that’s a whole other post), so the ‘B’ word is redundant!

See the ‘B’ word in my view serves no one … it’s an absolute cop out!Let’s be honest if you’re someone who wants to go places, live a limitless life, there’s simply no room for Buts. Buts hold us back, they waste time, they make us into liars, they deny our truth … If you are sat there now, wanting to smash your goals, own your future, live in happiness, experience experiences beyond your wildest dreams then kick that ‘B’ word to the kerb. After all, in a world of going ‘All In’, there simply isn’t time for such talk, there’s to much to much to experience!

Me, I’m banning the ‘B’ word from my vocabulary and if you hear me utter it you have my persmission to order me to do 50 burpees! So today, let’s make a pact together, to ditch that word, to never waste time on ‘Buts’, to focus solely on our pursuit of positivity, empowerment, experience, achievement and results … Want to join the ban the ‘Big Buts’ campaign? We start now!

Much love,

Laura x

If you want me I’ll be watching Shrek!

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