later, the morning after when the dry throat, bloated, lethargic, yack feeling kicks in, also known as the hangover!

This is exactly how I feel about ‘C&C’ … ‘Choice’ and it’s not far behind hangover ‘Comparison’. I know it’s not just me as many of the ladies I speak to and work with talk about it too. So if this is you, know you aren’t alone.

As I said, I LOVE that we have choices, as my old boxing coach said to me over 20 years ago “Laura, you’re never too old to change direction and start again”. (RIP Ron Warburton aka) second dad). Of all the quotes and sayings I’ve heard over the years it’s one of the few that’s stuck with me and I’ve rarely felt compelled to do something just because ‘it’s the right thing’. I’ve adapted my plans, changed trajectory, shifted and leapt so many times based on what he said and I will continue to do so #legacy.

We have choices! Not just one, but multiple, we can change direction, do 180, move round the world, whatever we like. Amazing isn’t it!? We are blessed and I personally am massively grateful for the fact that we have choices. You can build a business from your passion, online, with next to no start up costs, how crazy is that! If you watch my FB lives, you’ll know I give thanks and gratitude for us being more fortunate than most in the world, but I also want to add a dash of reality … The online world is a fantastic tool; you can forge friendships across oceans, network, outsource and research. See, choices are a blessing but it’s also a feeder for the dreaded ‘comparatinitus’.

Click on well known networking sites and your newsfeed will be filled with content that’s relevant to your likes. What is this sorcery?! Interested in fitness? There’ll be some ripped, tanned, eye lashed up hot bod figure rocking an outfit that looks like it’s been shrunk in the dryer. Interested in coaching? There’s an ad of someone who sent an email and earned £1M from her list whilst giving birth. Mum or mum to be? There’ll be a text book image of a celeb on a magazine shoot, rocking uber skinny jeans, new made up face (no last weeks make up there), with her designer buggy out on a jog with green juice in hand. Ok so maybe there’s a tad of an over exaggeration (a tad), but my point is the more choices are available, the more we allow ourselves to reset and start afresh, the more we have to accept that others have choices too.

The old days of ‘pick a career, do it till you retire’ are no more, and I personally love it!

So you’ve made a decision to do something different, it’s scary, it’s unknown, I get it … you’ve got passion, you’re excited, you’ve got something to offer … So what do you go and do? Look at what everyone else is doing!? Eh?! How does that even work? You’ve set your ❤️ on something but then the tools that are so valuable for your business (social media and networking) are also blowing a big fat raspberry in your face (metaphorically) and showing you all the people who are (seemingly) crushing it, owning it, doing better than you. Next thing you’re scrolling and rolling, reading and seething. You’re confidence is dented or crushed, suddenly there’s no place for your skills in the market so you may as well quit!

NEWSFLASH … I diagnose you as suffering from full blown ‘Comparatinitus’. It’s an easy disease to catch, annoying (like a headache) but good news, like building your health it’s easy to build your immunity. So here’s my top tips on how to steer clear or reduce an attack of ‘Comparatinitus’:

  • Write down why you do what you do, your mission, your commitment and why you won’t quit.
  • Research and inspiration are good but what are you reading and watching and is it helping you? (Remember 80% action, 20% other).
  • Understand that what you see isn’t always true, illusions often prevail so take the final (filtered and photoshopped) image with a pinch of salt.
  • For every success you see, chances are there’s a ton of sleepless nights and failed attempts but rarely are they talked about.
  • Stay away from content that you don’t learn from, instead read a book that will grow you, your mindset or your knowledge.
  • Lastly, when you feel it coming (your mood) descending, walk away and read why you do what you do, your mission, your commitment and why you won’t quit.

So my last tip is know that you were putting on this earth with a unique DNA, with unique skills, with a message to deliver and a difference to make. No one else can do it your way so keep your head high … Know your mission, your vision, be relentless and replace this ‘C&C’ with ‘Commitment’ and ‘Consistency’

The world is your oyster and you can flit from flower to flower like a bumble bee. So go be the biggest bubble bee in the flower bed! 🐝

Much love,


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