Jobvention’s new Boolean Search String Generator for Recruiters

A Better Boolean Search String Builder

We have had great response over the last couple of weeks for our free Boolean Search String Builder and so we made some additional improvements based on the feedback so it will be easier for recruiters to use. Now you can use our tool to search specifically by:

  1. Job Title
  2. All Skills
  3. Optional Skills
  4. Past or Current Companies
  5. Location

So let’s say you’re looking for a “Web Designer”, that has “HTML, CSS, Javascript” skills, that is optionally comfortable with “Bootstrap” and may have worked at “Amazon” and is located in Seattle. Fill the Boolean Search String Generator with the following:

Enter the following criteria into the fields

Next go down and press “Add Conditions” button and in the drop down selet “File Types” and then add “PDF”

Press “Add Conditions” button and select “File Types” and add “PDF”

Next, press the “Build It” button to get the Boolean Search String

Jobvention’s Generated Boolean String

Then press “Google It!”. Here’s the result of the above search.

List of PDF resumes from Google from the Jobvention generated Boolean string.

As you can see, Google has returned a few resumes in PDF format, you can download them, add them to your database and reach out to these people.

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Alvin works at Jobvention. Jobvention believes that jobs can change lives and that strong communites are employed communites. Jobvention makes an applicant tracking system for companies and tools for recruiters, learn more at You can also contact Alvin directly at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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