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Use Jobvention To Source Python Engineers On Twitter

Twitter is an extremely great place to go and source candidates. On Twitter, you’re able to reach anyone if you have their Twitter handle. All you need to do is follow them and tweet to them to get their attention. Additionally their tweets can give you insight into who they are to help you determine fit.

Let me show you how to use Jobvention’s free Boolean Search Generator to help you find developers on Twitter.

To get started go here: http://www.jobvention.com/tools/boolean-search-generator

Enter the following into our Boolean Search String Generator

  • Title: Developer
  • All these skills: Python
  • At least one of these skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Use our Advanced Options section to help reduce the noise and cut out Twitter accounts that are advertising for jobs. Enter in the following:

  • At Least One Of These Phrases: resume, cv
  • None of these phrases: job, jobs, career, opening, openings
  • Site or Domain: twitter.com

Then click the “Build It” button, to see something like the following in Google.

Boolean Search Query Results for Python Developer in California

The generated Boolean string looks like the following:

( -job -jobs -career -opening -openings -template -sample -example ) (resume OR cv OR vitae ) (Developer ) (site:twitter.com ) ( near California ) (Python ) (HTML OR CSS OR Javascript )

and you can cut and paste this into another search engine. If you sign up for Jobvention which is free, you can save these searches so you can come back to them in the future. We also have a free resume database and basic applicant tracking system to.


Alvin Loh

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