People come here to gain a greater education. Others come here because they want to say they experienced the four long years. Some come to prove that they could do it when others said they couldn’t. At the end the ones who made it through all four years leave with an education and a diploma. Others leave with a diplome and lifelong friends, and some will leave with a diploma and a soul mate. College is the place where many people fall in an out of love. A place where they find what they have always been looking for, someone to call theirs. Love is what some college students will find throught out the four years of being at college. Many college students come and hope to find their college sweet-heart, some fantasize about having this perfect relationship. College is the place where many grow and some are lucky to find someone to grow with. Twenty-eight percent of college graduates find the person they marry at the same college, or they marry an alumni of the same school. College is not always about studying and stressing, it is a place to mature as a person and grow. Some can even grow with the person they love.

Our group is doing a collection of photo essays that show the life of college students. We are trying to show the outside life of the students. We all have a different topic but all will relate to a college student’s life. College has many exciting aspects along with many unexciting. Through each essay we want to show the different parts of the college life, using pictures.

This photo essay will show pictures of college students in relationships with someone they wish to marry one day. I want to show that college is not always so serious but can also be a place where young people find the love of their life. The pictures in this essay are captured to show the true meaing of a college relationship and the emotional love between people. Colors in the picture are bright and vivid. Using different types of angles, helped capture the emotion. Angles like portrait and point-of-view will help show the relationship between the people and the real feelings these people had for each other. Photos are of things from around campus, students, and the things done that show the love between people. This photo essay shows that college students can find and that they do find love even with all the work and stress they have with school.

College relationships have passion along with the passion to get an education. . I used a pink tone to represent love, and I blured the surroundings to show that the couple is the important objects in the photo. The backpacks show that they are going to class.
This was drawn on a desk at the library,I used a darker filter to make the writing pop. This shows that college students that are in love still do little things to show that they cherish someone.
College couples that read together stay together. This photo is black and white and taken at a over-head shot. It shows how intrested and devoted the couple is to being together and working together.
College relationships can be amazing when spending time with the person you love. This is taken at a portrait to show the passionate kiss on the cheek. The redness of the girls shows that she still gets butterflies when being kissed by her boyfriend.
In college it is good to have communication with your partner. This picture shows a conversation between a couple, communicating to better eachother. I used a filter to make the phone pop in color.
College couples make time to have fun outside of school. I took this photo at a carnival, the bright colors in the back ground make it seem fun and that the couple is having fun.
LOVE is LOVE, many couples at college find someone they want to be with forever, all genders different preferences. This was taken at PRIDE. The bright wings in rainbow represent that love is love and there is no telling how far you can go.
This is a college couple that finally tied the knot. The path represents that long journey they took to get to where they are. The pink suit the guy is wearing shows the love between the people s as if he is the heart between the couple.


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