My voice freaks me out. I think it’s because it’s so high compared to every other male my age. I’ll be honest though, I’ve herd 12 year old girls with lower voices than mine. The worst part of it is that I’m at school for a profession that is all about this. Literally everything I do in this industry spawns from… my voice. People tell me “you have a great voice” and “I totally see you as a radio guy”, but what they really mean is “your voice sounds like my cat on helium” or “I totally can see you as a voice actor for Ashe ketchum”. I’ve come to terms with my voice though, I think I can make it work now. If you ever need an “overly excited guy” character I’m your man, or if you’re looking for “8 year old birthday boy” I nail that role. Overall I don’t think I would ever change my voice. Unless I would get Morgan Freeman’s, then you would see me trading it instantly. If you have something wrong with my high voice, then we might have a problem.

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