On our menu, We have: ‘Help! I just need a massage’, which, when most walk out, say that was way more than just a massage. And it’s not what you think…

We put this on there as many people know what a massage is and don’t necessarily know what they need or what else to choose. Anyone can learn and anyone can get a ‘remedial massage’ but not everyone can connect ;)

  • I’m science based and I believe in neuroscience in particular, and as a coach, personal trainer and some other studies in why we do and don’t do things…

I wish. I want. I wish I didn’t want you.

I wish you’d call

But I know you won’t.

It’s been years since that day

We stood near the fire

When I wished you’d kiss me,

One last time.

As my heart broke

My head spun

My breath stopped

But the tears never did.

You held my heart

In your hand

Don’t let go.

-I haven’t let go

I wish I could.

I still feel you

I can still smell you

But I can’t touch you.

Because you’re not here


You left

You left me

You left us

With my heart in your hands.

Every morning I wake from…

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

When is enough, enough?

Hi, it’s JC here, The Leaving Coach at Breakup Brilliant. In this session we’re talking about bullshit breakups, bad breakups, bloody gut wrenching, heart breaking breakups. And, in some rare cases, just like unicorns, brilliant ones.

( Or are they all secretly brilliant? )

When we hear the word ‘breakup’ most of us think of a relationship between a married couple, or lover /partner. Sometimes it’s a family member or friend we can break up with (or they can break up with us). What about breaking up with a manager, a company, a business, or a…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

….And they lived happily ever after? Only time will tell, but here’s the thing. There is A LOT to prepare for leading up to a wedding! Not to mention what else in going on in life. I don’t need to list it all here, as by the time I have listed it, there will be another list from the list, if you know what I’m saying. Your big day, the best day of your life, can also be — well the led up to it, the most stressful time of your life. What I am saying is you are going…

Photo by Shannon Litt on Unsplash

JC: Hi it’s JC here, the leaving coach. In this session we’re talking about breakups. So when we hear the word breakup, most of us think maybe husband or wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. Sometimes maybe we think it’s a friend or family member that we’re breaking up with or ‘leaving’ if you like. In these interviews, we are talking about when we’re left, and when we’re doing the leaving. Both the break-ee and the break-or.

Today we’re going to find out what happened to Zelda. Thanks for being with us today Zelda. So you have a little bit of a…

And I bet you can guess which month has the highest number of divorces?

What else you got? –Ok, 7 secret signs your relationship is headed for splitzville and what to do about it.

What about the kicker:

‘How to stay together when you’re stuck together’ (and you’re not allowed to kill each other by the way, apparently that’s frowned upon and still illegal I’m pretty sure)

Don’t let the Corona Virus break you!

Besides, you really don’t need something ELSE to worry about. And, if you do break up and one of you needs to move out, where would you go anyway? …

I have a confession to make. I did not push Humpty Dumpty off the wall. But, I did watch him fall, is that worse? I am not a fairy godmother. I don’t wave a magic wand and ‘bipedy bopedy boop’ people magically get ‘glued’ back together when they are clearly falling, or have fallen apart. What most people think, when I tell them who I am and what I do, say, “hmmm that’s interesting, I have never heard of that before.” …

Breakup Brilliant with The Leaving Coach.

Who chases who?

And why if someone’s running are you trying to chase them anyway?

I admit, I actually love chasing! ( that’s ‘little blondie me’ in the photo -white T-shirt at the front ) It’s a goal right? To chase and catch? The reward being the catch? Or is the reward in the chase? Or being chased? Or being caught? Sounds like we are over thinking and complicating the shit out of a very simple situation. Let me tell you a story about little me….

I remember when I was in kindergarten ( 4 or 5…

Judge a book by its cover and eat humble pie

I’m guilty. I like selecting books based on their cover. Same goes for wine labels. But people? Here’s what I learned yesterday.

I was in a client meeting. Nothing unusual, we all do it. Me-mostly everyday. In walks a ‘brightly coloured girl’ in workout pants, bum bag, messy, very very long braided hair to the side with some carefully placed pieces framing her face. Looked like she just got out of bed but we all know this took hours of pre preparation. Lips the size of I don’t know what….but…

There are limited days in the year left, or maybe days in the month? Week? Hours in the day? Or should I be saying limited time in our lives? You never know how much time really, and, if we did, would we be doing exactly what we are doing now? Who knows. We can’t see into the future but and some of us are still working away (slogging away, nose to the grind, head down bum up, slaving away…insert all the stuff we’ve heard a thousand times before here….. Are we going to get everything done? Maybe, maybe not.


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