Where Is Your Time Wasted?

Jodie Coall (JC)
4 min readJul 21, 2016


We spend our days doing unnecessary activities. Yes there are some things that really are unnecessary, even when we think they are. Watch for the signs and excuses next time you hear someone speak or even yourself. Do you catch yourself saying, Oh, I was getting to that but… or I am I the process of that but… or I can’t find the time, I’m sooooooo busy.

GUESS WHAT? We all get 24 hours, no one has more or less time than someone else in their day. It’s what we choose to do with our time that counts -pardon the pun. Do you then wish you could have that time back? We are all guilty of this at some point. Shiny gadgets perhaps? It’s ironic that picture below-

The trick isn’t adding stuff- its taking stuff away — CEO of Facebook wrote that one. Facebook is one of the contributors to time wasting as we have almost unlimited access to it, temptation to use it and noises that alert us when something happens. Do we REALLY need this ALL the time?

I often wonder if I could re -take my time for the day the first thing I would ask myself is-’Where are you going to waste time today?’

So, where does all our time go?

Can you get more productive and focused? It all comes down to how you choose to spend your time and avoiding time-wasting activities

Are You Wasting Time Today?

  1. Complaining. Instead, try asking or seeing the situation from all sides. Do something about it, don’t just say something about it so that others join you, what’s the point? It doesn’t get anything done it just means you have several people agree you are complaining.
  2. Traffic- can you ride or walk to your destination and get exercise at the same time and decrease stress of course!
  3. Gossip. Doesn’t get anything done and can drag you down.
  4. Watching TV. No one ever accomplished their goals by sitting on the couch.
  5. Hanging out with negative people. Be aware that people are attracted to likeminded people.
  6. Procrastinating. Action — simple really. Don’t think -DO
  7. Not making a choice- Asking too many people’s opinions takes the choice away from you and makes it theirs.
  8. Playing video games. Angry Birds doesn’t get work done- they just make you angry.
  9. Eating junk food. Food is fuel, clean fuel not dirty fuel is what your engine needs. Would you put dirt in your car’s engine?
  10. Saying yes. Over committing is worse than saying no in the first place. It lets others down and causes you anxiety and making you think you have to justify your choice.
  11. Waiting for the right time. HA! Now is the right time. When is anything ever going to be perfect? Make it happen — now!
  12. Attending unnecessary meetings. Practice the “Right to Decline” unneeded meetings.
  13. Reading Email. Only check it 3 times a day. Morning, noon, end of day. Turn off alerts and reminders. Make sure you ACTION ASSIGN ABANDON!
  14. Answering the phone. Remember, your phone is there for your convenience. If you can’t or won’t take a call, DON’T ANSWER! That’s what voice messages are for.
  15. Playing Email Ping-Pong. Talk to someone instead — face to face if possible.
  16. Surfing the web. One thing leads to another and another…
  17. Constantly updating your social media status. No one needs to know what you are eating right now
  18. Fighting with others. Agree to disagree. Look at it from both sides and try to understand they are just doing the same thing you are- getting their point across J
  19. Looking for things you have lost. Everything has a home make sure you put things away. Focused on being organised. -Watch your language. Saying I always lost things or I am always late, guess what… you always will be! Focus on what you need to do to be organised.
  20. Letting things interrupt your day. Turn them off EMAIL, phone etc.
  21. Not looking at your to do list. You wrote the list down, now LOOK AT IT and ACTION IT
  22. Solving the same problems yet again. Do you have a process and procedure in place? You do know if you want to change you have to make changes right?
  23. Not eating lunch. Get out into nature to eat your healthy lunch or meet a mate and have a chat about something REAL. The most successful people in the world take time out to eat lunch. ( and not at their desks — the desk will be there when you get back I promise )
  24. Allowing people to interrupt you. You may think you are doing the right thing but you are actually saying I am allowing my time to be disrespected and then blame them for interrupting you — excuse coming up… I didn’t get that done because I was constantly getting interrupted!

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