Towards agility…
Rajesh Viswanathan

Perhaps it is time to move beyond agile. Since it will be very hard to implement agile practices, or scale them, without changes to organization culture, lets get going on advice and guidance for improving relationships within the overall organization.

Few companies take the time to work closely with Senior Management to improve and/or change their approach to changing their relationships within the organizations they lead.

Agile Coaches run out of runway when they try to help agile teams improve yet the management culture is static and not making an agile mindset of inspect and adapt a priority.

Management could move beyond the usual demands for dashboards that contain all sorts of metrics and data they think is relevant. Why not go see first hand what is happening with the organization?

Management should avoid assuming they always know what the state of a complex product roadmap’s technical and business implementation results may be at a given moment in time. Why not be honest and humbly admit that the complexity is beyond their immediate grasp. Then ask their teams what they need to succeed. And listen intently to the feedback.

Until organization begin to turn the dominant matrix of command and control management into a servant leadership models, being an agile organization is out of the question. Agile transformation is too.

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