Product Development: Stop Your Intuition

Let’s keep this short and to the point shall we. You are about to read yet another short post in Medium but likely not the whole thing. You won’t do that. You know too much already.

You have been working in product development for a long time and its carved out a well worn path in your brain and your expertise and experience guides you on problem solving daily. Yet you are making more mistakes than you care to acknowledge even if you know fully about anchoring and other bits and tricks you’ve picked up helping your Teams course correct.

The number of simplifying little tricks, rather than extensive algorithmic processing, you’ve been doing is hurting those around you. Your brain is letting you down. So stop it.

That powerful brain of yours takes over and intuition, well, that’s not something that should be used unchecked. Your availability bias has already kicked in and you’ve likely gone on to the 95 other things way more important this Sunday morning instead of thinking about your thinking. Your command of probability isn’t what you think it is so you may be mistaken. Thank goodness its Sunday and your mistakes won’t affect the Teams your getting paid to guide or help. On Sunday, you can keep your mistakes in judgement to friends and family. Nice.

You don’t have to follow my advice. But you might want to take on an undoing project sometime soon and maybe you’ll come to a new perspective about your professional perspective. Now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday shows that feature some of the best examples of well paid bias I know.

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