Growing Out Of Old Habits In 2018

I was inspired to write more in 2018 as a way to process thoughts, expand my portfolio, and just prove to myself I can write every day. For the month of January I’ll be writing a daily piece about life, social media, music, and more.

This New Year’s Eve was different. Yes there was food. Yes there was a little alcohol, in the form of coquito. And of course it sounded like July 4th at the stroke of midnight. So what’s different about it?

Just 5 years ago I was binge drinking with my family and friends, staying up until 4am, thinking this is how you were supposed to celebrate a New Year. I was brought up on partying for New Year’s Eve. It was custom to go to a family members house and play with my cousins as the adults pounded drinks while face planting in the yard before the ball dropped. As I got older I went to NYE parties in college with the goal in mind to drink as much as I could from the minute I arrived until way after the ball dropped. This tradition continued after I moved from Terre Haute until just last year. I didn’t have a big desire to drink going into 2017 and it showed throughout the year. I can recollect a handful of times my wife and I had drinks for the entire year. When I was home for Thanksgiving I had 3 glasses of whiskey & Coke the 5 days I visited. I’ve realized that I’m not that person anymore. Goals and building my future have took precedent to buying a fifth of Crown Royal and seeing how much of it I could finish in one night.

I never thought I would want a New Year’s Eve celebration without getting plastered. When you’re young you make a ton of mistakes, claiming they’re “fun” choices. I learned that I was searching for happiness at the bottom of a bottle. I went to those parties because I was lonely and thought that’s how I would find companionship. I continued to drink heavily to celebrate each year because it was “tradition”. I have new traditions now.“Washed New Years”, as I called it last night, is by far my favorite way of bringing in a New Year. We were surrounded by family, food, and setting goals for 2018. I told my wife last night we’re not hoping for anything to happen this year; we’re going to make our luck.

Now that Fantasy Football is over, Joe Coad II spends his freed up Sunday’s relaxing with his wife and son in Orlando, FL. During the day he is a Manager of Social Marketing. At night he’s creating an education platform for independent artists & brands, The Artist Guides. You can reach him on social media, @JoeCoadTwo, or by email: