How to fix bad quality audio from Chromecast Audio

The other day I spent two hours configuring my new sound system, which gets its input from a Chromecast Audio. For some reason, no matter how I configured it, the audio sounded like it was missing “cohesiveness” between my sub and my speakers. I didn’t like it.

I was about to blame either the speakers or myself when I realized that Spotify (which I was using to stream from the Chromecast Audio) has its own audio quality settings. Maybe these were to blame? Turns out, Spotify disables quality settings when streaming from Chromecast. Darn.

However, while I was searching for more information, I came across this post in Spotify’s forums where users were talking about how while they weren’t sure what quality Spotify streams from the Chromecast Audio, the Chomecast Audio has its own audio quality setting accessible from the Google Home app called “Full dynamic range”.

Checkmarking “Full dynamic range” in the Google Home app fixed my Chromecast Audio streaming quality issues! Now I won’t have to return all the audio equipment I just bought :P.