How to get a PS3 controller to work on PC

There’s a whole lot of crappy instructions out there on how to get a PS3 controller working on a PC. The following Reddit post helped me out a ton, so I thought I’d share it:

I thought there might be a few folks out there who’d like to try playing the game on their PC with a PS3 controller. The game works great using a controller, and makes couch-pc-mmoing a reality!
Here is the set up using MotionJoy drivers and BetterDS3.
1) Get the Driver Go here and download the motionjoy driver (0.7.0000) for Windows. Unzip and install.
2) Setup Driver We’re only using the drivers from MotionJoy, not the DS3 Tool that comes with it (we’ll use Better DS3 instead) but for now connect your controller (I’m using a USB connection but it can be done with bluetooth) and open up the DS3 Tool.
In this green monstrosity of a program, go to the Driver Manager tab and check-box the Hardware Location port thingie, and click Load Driver. Once that’s done go back to the Profiles tab. The “Connected game controller(s)” should list the Dualshock there. Click the “Vibration Testing” button at the bottom just to ensure it’s working.
Don’t worry about anything else in DS3 Tool. That’s ALL we needed to do in it!
(Note: I had the program crash on me constantly, but I solved that by uninstalling and reinstalling it)
3) Get Better DS3 Go here and download and install Better DS3. (Read this if you want to know why Better DS3 is, well, better.)
Open up this nice clean looking (and non-green) program and you should see the DualShock listed on the left. In the profile area, select “New” and choose XInput. In this window click the Auto Fill “XBox 360"button, give the profile a name, and click Save Profile. In the “Selected Profile” pulldown menu, choose the profile you just created and hit Apply.

Essentially what you are doing is getting the drivers from the TERRIBLE MotionJoy, then using Better DS3 — an app that lets you emulate XBox 360 controllers (which are more widely supported on PC) with your PS3 one — to access them. Keep in mind that you have to keep your controller plugged in to your PC unless you manage to set up the Bluetooth settings on BetterDS3, which I did not.

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