17 Experts Share Their Best Tips To Improve Their Sales Funnel

In today’s post, you are going to learn how you can improve your sales funnel and make more money. I need you to be aware that on it’s own a blog will never make you any money.

You can make money online and blogging can be a tool but throwing up a blog will do nothing for you.

I have scoured the web and I bring 17 expert tips just for you! I asked them all the same question…

“What is your number one tip to improve the sales funnel process to increase affiliate sales?”

If you want to make more money improving your sales funnel is a great way to do so. Let’s dive in and see what the experts recommend…

1. Zac Johnson

Zac knows his way around the online marketing world and has been a speaker at Affiliate Summit on numerous occasions. His blog is http://zacjohnson.com and you can Follow Zac On Twitter here.

A great way to increase the performance of a sales funnel is to make sure you have an autoresponder series in place.

The funnel should start off with your basic name and email collection, then follow up with a new email to your end user every few days (emails, dates, and volume will vary based on the offer).

At the same time, it’s not just about “creating an autoresponder” for your funnel, it’s about knowing what to say and how to provide value. For example, you shouldn’t always try to push the sale, instead send out a basic email that simply asks “How can I help?” — you will be surprised with the results you get back.

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing trust and building a relationship with your audience. The more you connect with them and keep them interested, the more likely they are to end up using your service or buying your product.

Be sure to scale out your autoresponder series over several weeks, or even months, as you never know when someone might be ready to pull the trigger on a purchase.

2. Cody Lister

Cody teaches business owners and bloggers how to create and promote effective content for more customers and sales. He recently launched a new product helping people to get more guest blogging opportunities. His blog is http://www.marketdoc.com/ and you can Follow Cody On Twitter here.

I have two tips that will really improve your sales funnel. You need to start by making sure your drip sequence follows the story arc and builds tensions up to asking for the sale. Create a buzz that is consistent with the product you are promoting.

Most people leave this out but by integrating A/B testing on different one-click down sells and upsells for each core product offer will maximize customer lifetime value (CLV).

3. David Schneider

Content Marketing is what David excels at and over at Ninja Outreach you can see his work and also check out his outreach product. Check it out here http://ninjaoutreach.com/ and you can Follow David On Twitter here.

I think one of the things people overlook is the “Why didn’t you buy” follow up. This can be an email that goes out specifically to people who expressed interest but didn’t inevitably buy.

Different approaches include:

  • Survey to get more customer information so you can optimize your front end sales funnel
  • Special offer / discount to get people who didn’t want to pay that price
  • Cross sell to another offer they might be interested

In short, don’t let good leads go to waste through lack of follow up. Be persistent and try different tactics.

4. Ashley Faulkes

Ashley is the Founder and chief Lemming at Mad Lemmings — where he helps solopreneurs and small business owners build a rocking website and get more clients… Check him out here Mad Lemmings and you can Follow Ashley On Twitter here.

One of the best ways to make affiliate sales in 2016 is to develop a long-term relationship with your audience.

Sure, you can write reviews and try to push them to the top of Google — that is affiliate marketing 101. But if you really want to be sure you make the sale, people have to “know, like and trust you”. It is the same as with any other business transaction.

So, while you are doing the usual affiliate stuff on your website, also start building your email list and your long-term relationship with your audience. And then write content that helps them solve their problems (of course that content could involve an affiliate link :>). They are far more likely to buy as they see their pain disappearing with a click of a buy button!

5. Neil Patel

Neil has been in the game for a long time and has been featured on the likes of Forbes. If you want to improve your content marketing or learn how to improve your blog check him out here http://neilpatel.com and you can Follow Neil On Twitter here.

If you want to improve your sales funnel it comes down to warming up the list. With affiliate traffic, the users won’t know you as well…

Form a relationship by giving them tons of free information before you try and sell to them and you will see a boost in sales.

6. Allan Pollett

Allan is an SEO and web marketing specialist. He is known as the “SEO Guru” having written several books reputation management, social media, and SEO related topics. Check him out here http://www.AllanPollett.com and you can Follow Allan On Twitter here.

Affiliate marketing is like lead generation or sales marketing and is made or broken by follow-up. Personally,

I believe the Chinese water torture approach to converting cold leads into warm sales. Chinese water torture involves a slow consistent dip,dip,dip of water on the person’s forehead until they succumb and do whatever you ask of them. The marketing approach doesn’t involve actual torture, but the idea is the same.

A consistent delivery of content which gradually warms the cold lead into a sale.

It is recommended to be done via email that the potential customers will receive at a regular interval, weekly works best. The goal of creating a drip campaign is not to constantly pitch the client but to build trust. Often educating the client with less of a pitch of the product but more about how to use and advantages of it and sometimes just tips about related things.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss product giving information about exercise or food choices might be great ways to supplement your content and build that essential interest and trust with the potential customers.

To send the emails, usually, it is best to create a mail campaign via Aweber or some kind of email management tool. Automation helps reduce time, but you need to be careful not make the emails look automated or robotic. Crafting good content for a drip campaign can be challenging, but once developed it can make the whole process repeatable and successful.

So if you want to improve your sales process remember that follow up is key.

7. David Risley

David is an internet entrepreneur who started in the tech space. Now he shows bloggers how to generate a full-time income and turn their passion into a solid and profitable business. Check him out here https://www.blogmarketingacademy.com/ and you can Follow David On Twitter here.

I have one short answer…

You need to sell it like it is your own product. I don’t mean you lie and say you created it but create content around the product and offer the product as a solution.

You can also offer bonuses to make sure that customer buys the product through your link.

8. Jeremy Shoemaker

Jeremy is the founder of Shoemoney.com as well as a published author. He shares his ups and downs in the world of online marketing to a loyal daily readership of over 30,000 people. ShoeMoney.com has been named the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and ranks in Technorati’s top 50 blogs for the past three years. Check him out here http://www.shoemoney.com/and you can Follow Jeremy On Twitter here.

My best tip is the most obvious but you see many seasoned affiliate or other marketers miss. The one thing I can tell you from 10 years experience is the thing you know 100% is that you don’t know anything.

Many go off their “gut” feelings from past performing landing pages.

If you made me pick one thing I would say to instantly implement Hotjar and record your user’s sessions. Pay attention to where the mouse goes.

Does it go to a top menu (that’s bad).

Did you get a sweet logo made and everyone instantly goes up to that? (that’s bad).

Often times the simplest lander is the best. An oldie but goodie general layout that always performs for me is at http://www.shoemoney.com/freesms/ebay. I used this to build my list (currently inactive but you can see the layout.

Once I got people to go to the video and then immediately down to the submit I got my cost of double opt-in on Facebook for around $1.

9. Jeff Bullas

Jeff is a top Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker. Forbes ranked him in the Top 10 Social Media Influencers, and he was number one for Global Business Blog. Check him out here http://www.jeffbullas.com/and you can Follow Jeff On Twitter here.

My number one tip to improve your affiliate sales is to build a big list as quickly as you can and make sure that they love you.

I use the SumoMe “welcome mat” to boost my email list while offering a great value ebook. This pops up when you visit my site and I have seen a great rise in conversions.

10. Daniel Scocco

Daniel Scocco is the founder of DailyWritingTips.com a blog that shares tips and tricks on grammar, spelling, punctuations, freelance writing and more!. Check him out here DailyWritingTips.com and you can Follow Daniel On Twitter here.

My number one tip to improve your sales funnel is to never send traffic directly to your affiliate offers.

If you do that you’ll be sending cold leads and you will be losing the contact information of the lead as well.

A much better approach is to send your traffic to your own landing pages, where you can review the offer in question to warm up the lead, and you can also encourage the lead to subscribe to your email list, that way you’ll be able to keep in contact with him, which gives you the possibility to offer him different affiliate products over time.

11. Greg Narayan

Greg spills coffee while blogging. He has a flourishing blog packed with killer tips and tricks. Check him out here http://www.dearblogger.org/ and you can Follow Greg On Twitter here.

My number one tip to improve the sales funnel process and to increase those glorious affiliate sales we want to wake up to is pretty simple — better communication. Most of us are great writers but if we focus too much on the copy we may lose touch of real communication that has to go on each day with readers. To increase it, ask people what they think of your industry and most importantly what they need. Email, Facebook, G+, Twitter it up every day. Roger Federer was once asked

Most of us are great writers but if we focus too much on the copy we may lose touch of real communication that has to go on each day with readers. To increase it, ask people what they think of your industry and most importantly what they need. Email, Facebook, G+, Twitter it up every day. Roger Federer was once asked

To increase it, ask people what they think of your industry and most importantly what they need. Email, Facebook, G+, Twitter it up every day. Roger Federer was once asked

Roger Federer was once asked what’s the key to his trick shots and he said the first step is getting on the show court because they don’t count on court 27.

So make sure lots of people are seeing you, reading your content, then once this communication is in place you’ll know how to improve the funnel and pull some nice tricks too. Google rankings are of course helpful.

12. Chris Goward

Chris is the founder of WiderFunnel, the Conversion Optimization company. He is also a published author and his book is You Should Test That! Check him out here https://www.widerfunnel.com/blog/ and you can Follow Chris On Twitter here.

If you want to improve sales and the funnel A/B testing is a must. The content and design of your affiliate offers can have a huge impact on your revenue.

For more than three years, we’ve been A/B testing offers for the privately-owned DMV.org affiliate publisher. In that time, they’ve seen the conversion optimization program double their revenue three years in a row. Here’s a case study of how it worked: http://www.widerfunnel.com/doubled-revenue-for-dmv-org/

13. Louie Luc

Louie Luc looks at affiliate marketing as an addictive strategy game that he’s continually trying to master. When Louie is not blogging about online business or internet marketing on his Buzz Nitrous blog, he likes to draw cartoons, spending time with his pets and watching movies.! Check him out here https://buzznitrous.com and you can Follow Louie On Twitter here.

I find it hard to answer when someone asks me how to improve the performance of his/her affiliate sales funnel. Why? Simply because I don’t see affiliate marketing as some sort of futuristic sales pitch.

Why? Simply because I don’t see affiliate marketing as some sort of futuristic sales pitch.
 I look at it from a totally different perspective.

My first and foremost objective is to help my visitors, readers and subscribers find a solution to their problems or an answer to their questions. If during this process, I consider that there might products or services that can contribute towards my audience achieving its goals, I do recommend them.

Nevertheless, instead of referring a product’s / service’s best features (like I would probably do if I was selling something), I show my audience (not just tell) how it might be what they are looking for.
 So, my best tip is: don’t put “making affiliate sales” as your number one priority.

Focus on your audience first and only recommend them stuff that you genuinely think can really help them out. This will build trust on you and turn you into the go-to person in your niche.

By then, sales will happen naturally.

14. Gael Breton

Gael is the founder over at Authority Hacker an amazing blog that features actionable tips on creating an authority website. He has run a professional SEO agency in the past and you can check him out here https://www.authorityhacker.com/ and you can Follow Gael On Twitter here.

My #1 “trick” to improve sales funnel conversions is to use retargeting coupled with time scarcity.

Just put a time limit on your offer (closed cart, limited bonuses, discount) and follow your prospects around on the web reminding them of the deadline.

We just did this with our recent launch and managed to get $500+ conversions at just $10 as you can see on this screenshot:

Try it, it works like a charm.

15. Yaro Starak

Yaro has been someone I have followed for a long time his tips and tricks that he shares at Entrepreneurs Journey are top class and definitely worth a look. Check him out at https://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/ and you can Follow Yaro On Twitter here.

My number one tip to increase affiliate sales using a sales funnel is to include an in-depth blog post product review in the funnel sequence.

The review itself should cover a number of important elements taken from your perspective after using the affiliate product, then apply that perspective to how it can help your audience.

When I write affiliate review posts I covered things like…

  1. What is the product intended to do
  2. Who is the ideal person for the product, and who is it NOT for
  3. How I used the product in terms of step by step process
  4. What outcome the product delivered for me in terms of tangible benefit
  5. What I wasn’t happy with/where I think things could be improved
  6. Pictures of the product throughout the review and pictures of the result of using it
  7. Do I recommend the product to my audience, and if so, how I recommend they use it

All that is in one big blog post that you send to people in your email funnel. It will be the most important content piece you will ever create to sell an affiliate product.

16. Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and published 124 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Check him out at http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ and you can Follow Ryan On Twitter here.

Building a list is my #1 tip but you gotta have fun with the process of building a sales funnel to jack up your affiliate sales.

I increased my sales by enjoying my study of funnels. Previously, it felt like drudge work. Like running up a mountain with a 30% grade, wearing a 50 pound weighted vest. Then I fell in love a bit more with the technical aspects of building a funnel and sales seemed to flow my way with increased ease.

Build your list. Find your way into inboxes ’round the world, and you’ll be golden. But have fun on this affiliate journey. That fun energy — from studying successes, to implementation — opens so many opportunities for you and boosts your sales so much, it’ll make your head spin.

17. Ammar Ali

Ammar is the founder of the amazing All Blogging Tips. He is a blogger, front end developer, and WordPress Expert. Check him out at www.allbloggingtips.com and you can Follow Ammar On Twitter here.

If you want to improve your sales funnel, the right use of inbound marketing is a must. Make sure that your landing pages are highly converting with the attention-grabbing call to actions.

Never just say sign up!

The more people you get into the sales funnel, the more affiliate marketing sales you’ll be able to generate.

Don’t forget that content also plays an important role.

What Next?

So there you have it!

17 amazing tips to improve your affiliate sales. All of which have been tried and tested by our marketing experts.

All that is left is for you to put these awesome tactics into practice…

Do you have your own affiliate sales funnel?

In the comments below let us know your number one tip that has helped you improve your sales funnel.

Originally published at onemanwiki.com on December 7, 2016.