Have you analyzed HR-676?
Lorraine Heth

Lorraine, I have not examined the details of that specific bill. What I would be looking for, though, is does it change not only who pays, but the manner in which things are paid for, in what kind of bundles, and such. A single-payer model is not a real solution as long as it continues to pay into the same opaque fee-for-service model most of healthcare is in now. And it resolves all customers of healthcare into one customer, the government. And that one customer is not a very effective customer. Enthusiasts for single payer systems tend to assume that the government payer in such a system could simply dictate prices. But we don’t have to be theoretical about that, because we already have a single payer system in this country, we just restrict it to people over 65. Medicare is some percentage more efficient than private insurance. It is not half the cost or less. I have no reason to believe that a Medicare For All system would be more cost effective than Medicare For Some.

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