Releasing the Gap

At the risk of sounding terribly professorial here, the following is not something I pulled out of thin air. It’s what I experienced in the past few weeks. Challenging at times, but it’s been a great week that celebrated amazing family and friends in my life, as well as allowed me to dive a little deeper into the ideas I write about, here, each Sunday.

There are times when we slow down for a minute to catch a breath and gain a little perspective about how things are going. We notice that we've created some momentum and have much for which to be grateful. Health, relationships, temperament, and opportunities are all trending in a positive direction.

But even as things are going well, we sometimes struggle with two paths in our lives — one path on which we are absolutely certain we are meant to be traveling and the other is the current path we are presently living.
Much time is spent trying to bring closer together what we believe are the important parts of these two paths. But what do we do when the gap between the two is moving farther apart?

As we let that gap between two paths expand, more space is created for stress, fear, and doubt. More space is created to lose clarity, focus and perspective. More space is created to allow what we can’t control to control us.

The good news is we can change this in one simple step.

Release the gap.

Release that divergent imaginary path and get back on the real one where we do the work that matters, build upon our momentum, and create the opportunity that happens when we stop waiting to be picked.

Letting go of an idea, vision, and/or plan in which we invested and believed is never easy, but it’s that exact process of letting go that yields a certain and powerful freedom critical to our growth.

Once we release the gap, our intentions change, vision expands, and opportunity appears.

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