I love it.
Lorenzo L Pesce

Thank you for the great message, Lorenzo. I remember back in my canoe racing days, an event that was about two minutes in duration, that I felt everything had to be just in place on the start line — that confidence needed to meet me there for an event so short or else, I’d be in big trouble.

More recently, I started to run marathons. I’d put myself through a 15-week training period and work hard so that confidence would meet me on that start line — before a race that would last several hours,, not 120 seconds.

I’ve learned from my best marathon performances that confidence doesn’t need to be on the start — like you said, just deploy courage as an act.

Things have a way of changing and aligning, provided you start — whether that’s a marathon, a short canoe race, or anything challenge in front of you.

As always, thank you for reading, Lorenzo!

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