Thanks for this message Joe.
Andrew Moss

Thank you for the note, Andrew — thank you for reading and leaving a comment. More importantly, sorry to hear about the turn of events in your career.

Just my two cents on “replanting” around work as I know there is always a path unique to every transition — try to remember you are playing the long game here. It’s the ideal time to turn inward a bit and make sure you are taking care of yourself in all aspects of your health. Do this in small incremental steps. I truly believe this is where the healthy root system is grown and regenerated.

Increasing your capacity here will only increase your ability to serve the people and projects that matter most.

Twenty sever years experience offers you a LOT of data points in which to base your reinvention.

And finally, I know you’ve heard this many times before but it was the basis of my transitions → gratitude. Coming from high performance sport, you’ll appreciate this quick story. I talk to athletes often about keeping a training log. I logged every canoeing session from age 12 to 22, including writing an entry the very afternoon we won the Olympic Games.

One thing I do in my own log today and insist upon with young athletes is to answer this question in your log every day — For what I am grateful? Or, in the athlete’s case, how did i serve my sport today? No magic answers — you just don’t want that space to be empty.

Thanks Andy and glad to be connected.

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