Faith: The Secret Key To Hanging In The Game When You Want to Quit

From NY to LA then LA to PHX in the last 6 months, you could say I have had quite the journey thus far.

My journey has been a combination of light and darkness. At times I question what I am even doing. Feeling as if I am losing my sanity at times. I am not 100% super clear on what it is I want at the moment. One thing I did know and still do is that I want more- that was the original reason I changed my zip code. I had to leave the places that were no longer serving my essence on a larger scale.

Yes, I get scared at times. I doubt myself, just like anybody who has an ounce of courage in their body would.

The one lesson I have learned in my travels is this- We don’t need to know where we are going, we need faith to know that wherever we are headed, the higher ground awaits us.

Faith has saved me more times than I can count. When you’re shooting to make an impact you will encounter uncomfort. You will lose friends that no longer provide any value to your progression. You will be forgotten about after a few weeks.

Faith, only you can see what they can’t and that will always be enough to keep you in the fight!

Uncover. Reveal. And Trust.

Faith is working for you!

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