My First Day in Los Angeles

August 17th 2016, I arrive in the City of Angels. Los Angeles, a place I could only comprehend in my dreams for years.

The sun was reflecting off of the hood of my 2005 Maroon Hyundai Elantra. As I was on CA-18 I glanced off into the distance to see the beautiful Los Angeles skyline. It was at that very moment I panicked. Thoughts of doubt clouded my thoughts, fear finally set in, and the traffic was at a standstill.

I thought to myself “Do I really want to be here” . After getting close to the exit of the place I stay at in Studio City, I decided to turn back around and head towards Arizona. There was a magic about that place. I was crying and looking for a way out. Then all of a sudden, an ex girlfriend of mine whom I haven’t talked to in years calls me. Talk about fates timing. The universe gave me the person I needed at that split second. She knocked some sense into me and with her words I felt some more strength build up in my self.

This was by far the scariest day of my life. Life as I knew it the past 25 years was going to have to end and that was the difficult thing for me to grasp. Like many of these other men and women, I came here for a “dream” or as I like to say it , an intuitive instruction. And that little midget in the back of my head had led me to believe I was going to surrender to that vision.

So, I made my way back towards Coldwater Canyon Avenue. I stay on a street right off of there in a nice residential community. I pull into the driveway and I am greeted by one of my roomates Isaac. He and the other two roomates made me feel very welcomed and comfortable the first night. They even took me on a walk to show me around. next thing I know, I find myself in a Ralph’s Grocery store. It is equivalent to a Wegman’s in Rochester. I realized how much I miss Wegmans food haha. When we got back to the place it was roughly 9:30 PM and Isaac was making us a full course meal as a “welcome to the house” gesture.

I consumed two steaks and a shitload of potatoes. It sure beat the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches I was living on for the past 4 days during the 38 hours I was on the road for. Two hours later it was time for sleep and it was going to be my first ever experience sleeping on a couch. For $300 a month it’s not such a bad gig I thought. As I shut my eyes that night… I saw a long road and began missing those back home whom I love so dearly. I knew a journey of ups and downs was in my future.