Since 2009, I was inspired to play the Drums. Yes, it was another fantasy of mine. At Gannon University, I would sit in class and daydream about playing on stage in front of crowds the size of those in which Metallica, Shinedown, and Breaking Benjamin play.

I was the air drum rockstar, always playing bass with my feet and playing rhythms on my lap.

Clearly, there was eagerness to get on the kit.

Then during Christmas break 2009, I went home to find my mom had surprised me with a drum set for Christmas. I was in heaven! Cloud 9! For the short time I was home I played on it for hours and hours jamming to songs on my iPod.

I owned a basic kit and a Tama drum set before I moved to the west coast. Now I find myself taking lessons and getting excited about drumming again, working with Brett Frederickson (former drummer of Megadeath).

For the first time in my life I am reading how to learn music and as challenging as it always seemed, I am catching on to it quick. Brett said I was way far ahead with my coordination abilities than the average “beginner” which humbles me.

I practice at home reading the music when I’m not on the kit at his house. I noticed playing the drums has opened up more creativity in my life. Studying music allows us to navigate towards infinite possibilities in our life. Our imagination and reassurance within ourselves comes back to life.

I almost see playing the drums as a therapeutic experience every time I sit on the throne. Drumming is a mix of adrenaline rush, creativity, challenge, and happiness for me.

I believe we can all share these benefits through playing a musical instrument! This is going to be a hobby of mine the rest of my life!

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