The Story Of The Human Journey

The beginning, where the seeds of vision are planted. the middle (The most uncertainty), when the execution of that vision comes to fruition and you’re either going to win, lose or draw. The end, reaping the fruits of your labor or slowly drowning in regret.

We ALL start out wanting something, we obsess over this want that it consumes us when our eyes are open and when they shut. There is no escaping a deep desire brewing inside of you. You then put it out to the universe, you tell your friends and family, then you begin to encounter opposition (sometimes even from your own self doubts). You take action on this dream of yours knowing that you could win, conversely knowing you could tally up a loss. Yet, the uncertainty doesn’t put a halt to you forging ahead. Your inner voice knows who you want to become, that voice will NEVER steer you wrong. Listen to it, even when the crowd of disbelief is screaming in your ear.

We dig deep into our journey, without knowing how far into it we are or how close we are to getting what we want. What scares most of us is that we don’t know how it’s going to end, because yes everything does come to an end. We get caught up in projecting an ending circumstance and in the process begin to sabotage ourselves.

Life, it’s messy, it’s raw, it’s illogical. A majority of our experiences don’t fit to that of a traditional Hollywood plot.

Then there is an end, maybe it’s not the end of your life journey but there comes a point where you look back on the journey. You reflect on those who you’ve come across along the way, each one of them served a purpose for you on your journey at some point. You replay all of the experiences that shaped you to become the person you are at the end of the tunnel. Whether you think you’ve won or lost, your journey itself will serve as inspiration to others.

When you follow your heart and trust your gut, you can fail nobody. As lonely as the road can get at times, there are people rooting for you. These people are silently cheering you on, just waiting on that one moment where you make your dent in this world. Remember, everybody loves a great story. Study the great ones that are out there, then create your own. Leave your legacy for others to search for your footprints and leave theirs right next to yours. We are all in this journey together. This is the journey of LIFE!

Joe Nicolosi

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