Keeping the Main Thing the MAIN THING.

There are a whole hell of a lot of distractions out there. It’s so easy to lose sight of your priorities and go off on some time-wasting tangent. About 30 years ago I was a floundering, out of shape, singer-songwriter. My musical career was going nowhere and I was beginning to head down that cliched pathway of an over-the-hill rocker — you know the type the rebel man-child. Maintaining a false ‘edginess’ in a feeble attempt to stay cool hip and relevant.

About that time I saw a photo of myself. It was a guy in his late 30’s with thinning hair and a growing gut. I decided to lose the gut. in my first jog around a quarter mile track I though my teeth were going to explode out of my mouth. Hoo boy…too much smokin and drinkin. But within a year I ran my first full marathon.

The marathoning (12 under my belt) taught me a valuable lesson. Set a goal, make a plan, stick to the plan, then reach your goal — The MAIN THING.

About ten years ago I decided to change careers and get back to my creative roots, to become a filmmaker. I’ve got about 10,000 hours into the journey and have produced three films — a short, a feature and now a documentary. That’s not counting 2 TV pilots and 3 other features I’m co-producing and another feature in active development. It’s not a sprint. It is indeed a Marathon.

Keep the Main Thing the MAIN THING.