Best Fly Fishing Spots in Oregon

Joe Rizzi hails from Oregon, where he has experience in both emergency and project management. Outside of his professional duties, Joe Rizzi makes time for fly fishing around Oregon’s many rivers and streams.

The beaver state is rich with rivers, streams, and pristine waterways well suited for fly fishing. According to experienced local anglers, the following rivers and streams are the best places for fly fishing fun.

1. The Deschutes River— Located in the northern part of the state, the lower 100 miles of this river are renowned for quality fishing. Anglers will find redside rainbow trout and steelhead trout in abundance throughout the year, but May is considered the best time to fish.

2. The Grande Ronde River — This northeastern river is best known for its wealth of steelhead trout in the late summer and early autumn. Many anglers prefer the areas just below the large Wallowa River tributary.

3. The Williamson River — Found in the Klamath basin near the falls, the Williamson River area is home to some of the state’s largest trout. Public access can be a challenge to find, but the massive fish are worth the effort to many.