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Again, you millennials have a warped understanding of the dictionary and an even worse distorted view of reality and history.

When someone points out flaws in your reasoning, criticizes your understanding, disagrees with your ideas, and does so using logic and facts, you aren’t being “attacked”. You’ve become so thin skinned and emotionally fragile that any resistance or constructive criticism you encounter is perceived as attacks or oppression.

I don’t care how hard you’ve worked, your assumption or expectation that you have it so much harder than the old generation or that life was so much easier back then shows ignorance and narcissism. Each generation faces its own set of challenges. The baby boomers didn’t have near the level of convince provided by the technology today you seem to have taken for granted. Today, people like you think you are special for putting in hard work. The reason I understand baby boomers look down on you is that for them hard work was the standard, not the special exception worthy of special snowflake recognition. Now, any time you millennials put it any hard work you think you deserve special praise. So, the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut, head down, ears open, and listen to those wiser and more experienced than you. Keep working hard and morally upright. Discipline and character. Put it in the time. Then one day, you will be responsible for educating and helping the youth, it will be your turn to talk and impart wisdom on those who need it.