I haven’t seen him since he left MSNBC.
Keith Croes

MSNBC was once my go-to source for decent MSM broadcast news, but they lost me in stages, beginning with their obvious shilling for corporatist Democrats, then their strategic refusal to discuss the terms of the TPP, their refusal to report on Israel’s Gaza assault for the first ten days (I heard about it from FB friends in Gaza, posting about the “F15s overhead”), and then they way the Jewish executives stepped into the producer’s chair to micromanage the coverage to favor Israel, their firing of Rula Jabreal for merely questioning the balance of their coverage, turning Christie’s “Bridgegate” into a round the clock fetish for two weeks…

So it was clear that this is a corporatist network serving Democrats and when necessary, the interests of Israel.

As for Maddow, her ego has grown with her popularity (as often happens), but I can no longer stand her lecturing tone and her overall style. She likes to tease you about her subject for 5 minutes but what if you aren’t interested? You wasted 5 minutes. Then there’s her verbal tic of stating her theme three times, with increasing urgency. But the last straw has been her McCarthyism, which included saying that if Trump pulled Obama’s troops and tanks from the Russian border, it would prove that Putin was blackmailing him.

Maddow will need some intensive deprogramming to become a competent reporter-analyst, which isn’t going to happen when she prefers the notoriety and $7M a year.

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