Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

When Colbert had his own show I thought he was one of the best satirists of our age. The writing WAS funny, his characterizations spot-on, and he hit political hypocrisy where it hurts.

By comparison the past year has been stunning, and then mind-numbing. Throughout the campaign he had a clear agenda to support the corporate candidate — he might take a perfunctory jab at Clinton’s foibles, but she was clearly The Rational Choice, she could be mocked light-heartedly, as a jester to his Lord — but everyone else was mocked to forewarn the voters.

Since the election every night in the past six months has been wall-to-wall anti-Trumpism, and none of it is funny. And he has gone from caricature to a tedious hectoring tone. Colbert might as well be Rachel Maddow doing stand-up improv on open mic night.

And, as with the “journalistic integrity” of MSNBC, one now realizes that humor is simple Not The Point any longer on Colbert’s Show. Where once a comedian could say anything “as long as it was funny”, now anything not funny can be said as long as it serves the corporate state.

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