Me… An Introduction

Who I am

Pictured Left (your left…) Looking Professional…

I’m Joe, the sort of person who’ll change his Facebook wall photo to a mildly comedic movie reference and think he’s some sort of comedy genius. I’m also the editor of, a website that reviews films, offers in-depth movie analysis, ranks things, makes lists, presents YouTube videos, produces a podcast and tends to be involved in many a modern-day form of social engagement. In my 26 years on this Earth I’ve also somehow managed to achieve becoming a Master of Contemporary Cinema & Television (I majored in auteur study and I wrote my post-grad thesis on ‘The Cinema of Poetry’). My life is summed up as: “spent engaging with a screen” — meaning that the vast majority of my time is spent watching films, writing about films, working on website-related things, forging professional relationships or promoting content. I knew there was a reason I barely sleep…

Why I’m Here

Perhaps this was a bad idea? I mean, I already have so much to do on a day-to-day basis…

I’m here to try and give myself space to more freely explore cinema and its related forms, industries etc. without the self-imposed pressure of professionalism that I’ve placed upon myself at The Film Magazine. Mostly however, I’d like to form a platform through which I can engage directly with readers and put across a little bit more of my personality.

What to Expect on This Blog

Movie talk. Lots of it. I’ll be making it my mission to update this blog at least once per week, often-times discussing what I’ve watched, the latest news, or the latest goings on at my website. You may even get quick-fire reviews; who knows?

Why You Should Follow This Blog

Because you like films, engage with my content, etc.

Maybe you’ll get free cookies? Like… metaphorical free cookies for your brain…

Where Else You Can Find Me

I know it’s early, but if you’re keen to keep up with me, make sure to follow me on Twitter for the most casual of life-related and movie-related updates. I would also be eternally grateful if you could support The Film Magazine on Twitter and Facebook.