Deciding How to Pick Between Your Two Passions
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary this is a great post — and when I saw it pop up on my twitter it screamed relevant and timely! I have recently begun a new venture called Some Is Enough

I have had some small success writing for motorcycle magazines and blogging under my Adventure Hermit alias, but I have always tried to reach an audience that went beyond riders. Many of my followers, especially those on Facebook, tend to have little or no interest in riding motorcycles themselves, but they thankfully have enjoyed the human element I bring to riding.

Initially I was trying to distance myself from my Motorcycle Persona, but what I found is that I am the Adventure Hermit, regardless of what I write about. It is simply about hanging a different shingle in hopes of attracting people who may ONLY see me as a motorcycle enthusiast and showing them that there are many more layers to my story. It is a work in progress, but your piece inspired me to keep looking for how to combine the two! Thank you!

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