Wu Yee Families Participate in Capita’s Living Lab

In order to test innovative approaches to improving outcomes for children rooted in our committment to engage parents in the innovation process, Capita recently hosted a “living design lab” at Wu Yee Children’s Services “Little Sprouts” Infant Center in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood. This blog post was written by Wu Yee’s Elizabeth Dembski and is reposted with permission.

Wu Yee parents, teachers, and early childhood care and education funders from organizations including The Early Learning Lab, Omidyar Network, and The Piton Foundation participated in a focus group generating ideas to redesign early care environments to help parents build strong relationships with their children and other supportive adults.

The focus group, hosted by startup ideas lab, Capita, encouraged participants to brainstorm in small groups and concentrated on questions like, “How can parents be better supported?” and “How can relationships between parents and child care centers be improved?” Ideas generated include child care centers integrated with pediatrician’s offices to better measure the outcome of universal milestones.

Cici Guo, parent of two children at Wu Yee Child Development Centers, participated because she wanted to become more involved in her children’s development. Matt Barry, Chief Impact Officer at The Piton Foundation was excited about directly learning from parents and teachers about their primary needs. He said, “any chance I get to be in room with parents and teachers is great because otherwise we are coming up with ideas and solutions in a vacuum.”