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Insomnia sucks, but the ideas that come as a result of sleep deprivation do not suck at all!

I’ve been writing a book, 43k into it, I’ve known the ending since I started.

Up at 4am, laptop open and having a bit of a writing respite, kind of just staring at the words.

That was the condition my condition was in this morning.

Staring at words.

Then this idea shows up out of nowhere at a point where the only idea should be sleep.

That idea has a plus one and there’s a posse following close behind.

Have to get…

I was an “expert” at a conference and someone told me they had not started live streaming because they didn’t know what their brand was yet. I told her she wasn’t a brand, her story that she just told me was her STORY.

You don’t need to be a brand to start ANYTHING.

There is far too much echo chamber activity in social media and especially social media marketing. Opinions that are repeated are not rules or even guidelines, they are OPINIONS. …

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Yoda is wrong.

There is try. There has always been try and try is good.

Doing is trying and trying is doing.

I have been lucky enough to do a lot of things and while doing them, I was not trying, I was doing. After years of doing some of these things, I decided to DO other things and I stopped doing what I was previously doing.

Again, doing, not trying.

Some things you can’t know you are capable of until you do them.

What happens when you do different things is that you gather skills, ideas and ways of…

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“Lost in Space”

It’s hard to keep up on all the developments in social media and if your business is NOT social media, it’s even harder.

You’re worried you might be doing the wrong thing, wasting time and money on the wrong platform. You seek advice from a social media expert/guru/consultant/thought-leader/human in hopes of making an informed decision.

What you may not know is that a favorite topic of social media experts/humans is who is going to kill who. Not people, social media platforms.

Right now, Facebook and Instagram “killing” Snapchat is a favorite topic.

One company/platform “destroying” another is a fun story…

I am doing the backstroke in predictions!

That’s because it’s prediction tsunami season.

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Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman in “Ghostbusters.”

Predictions are guesses but “Guesses for 2017” makes crappy clickbait.

With that in mind, here are my guesses for 2017!

I predict that most people making predictions will not post all the predictions they got wrong.

I predict more people will call themselves experts with no evidence of their expertise other than the ability to type the word, “expert.”

I predict humans will continue to use social media for good and bad.

I predict that I will eat too much during the 2017 holidays.

I predict that…

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Directing Marcia Wallace in Vampire Mob. She didn’t like guns.

I miss directing.

Never wanted to direct, but then I saw what can happen to my scripts when other people direct them.

It was like handing sheet music over for a heavy metal song and getting a polka as a result.

Once I learned how to operate camera, mix sound, edit and all the other skills it takes to make a story, I knew there were less *actual* obstacles to making a story.

If I hadn’t written scripts in multiple genres, done a little acting, a lot of stand up, years studying photography, made shorts and chatted with mob regulars…

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I love ideas.

They can change your mood, your day and, sometimes, your life.

Collaborating on an idea always creates more possibilities and I’m watching that happen with “Frozen Snap Friday.”

A Frozen Snap involves individuals not moving or blinking for ten seconds, then posting the result on Snapchat.

Initially Frozen Snap Friday was people I know posting Frozen Snaps on Friday, with me sharing screen grabs of their frozen snaps and snapcodes, so other frozen snappers could find each other.

Another idea changed that: Collaboration.

Looking at the portrait shaped snaps, which would create a lot of unused visual…

Thank YOU to all the cool snappers of the chat who sent me their frozen snaps for the mashup!

Who’s in for next week?

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The short-lived television series “Police Squad” closed each episode with a scene where the actors would stop moving, while other things in the background, which included monkeys, parts of the set and other actors continued moving.

It was always funny to me, still is and I’m not sure why.

They were making fun of all the TV shows that ended with freeze frames and credits running over them, but the actors doing their best not to move, while still pouring a cup of coffee, among other gags, that’s what made me laugh.

Police Squad epilogues:

Early this year, Chris…

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I think of social media like neighborhoods.

You can’t know everyone in a huge neighborhood, but you can know a lot of individual human beings.

There is not one “community” on a social media platform, there are a galaxy of individual communities intertwined across the servers and wires connecting each of them.

We are all famous to a few people.

The difference between a neighborhood and a social media platform or network is that entire neighborhoods rarely go out of business. Small social media platforms run by companies close all the time or diminish in terms of innovation and the…

Joe Wilson

I believe this is the greatest time in the history of storytelling.

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