3 Top Tips to Stop Believing Top Tips

1) What’s the agenda behind the tip?

2) How old is the tip?

3) If everyone is doing this top tip, won’t we all be the same?

Yes, there’s some sarcasm at play in that list up there.

However, tips, rules, systems, all the “quick” and “easy” ways to succeed ignore the inherent falsity of what quick and easy creates.

Trust isn’t quick and easy.

Nor is a reputation.

Tips are ideas to be considered, perhaps reengineered and mixed with other ideas, like your own.

Here’s my tip, feel free to consider, reengineer or remix:

You can’t *make* anyone care.

That is something we all do for a variety of reasons and tweeting a link to the existence of something you made won’t make anyone care you made it.

Here’s the “sitch” (I hate “sitch, and yet, there it is)…

The world is a gigantic place.

There’s room for all the storytellers to tell stories, artist’s to make art, music, absolutely anything that can be shared on the internet, made by one person or a few people can now be seen by a fuckton of humanity.

(A fuckton is larger than a shitton.)

No one’s paying attention because there’s so much to pay attention to.

Think in years.

Know WHY you do what you do.

Keep going.